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  • SenEx September 11, 2018

SenEx September 11, 2018



Regents Room, Kansas Union


Approved: September 25, 2018

Members Present: Kirk McClure, Robert Waller, Hossein Saiedian, Charles Jetty, Ruben Flores, Cambrey Nguyen, Michelle Ginavan-Hayes, Eliza Kassebaum, Zack Thomason, Suzanne Valdez, Sean Alexander, Nancy Jo Kepple, Emily Gullickson

Absent: Megan Greene,

Also Present: Kathy Reed, Ellen Slikker, University Governance, Mohamed El-Hodiri

Flores called the meeting to order.


I.             Approval of minutes from August 28, 2018

                Jetty moved, Kassebaum seconded.  Passed


II.            Standing Reports

     a. University Senate President Ruben Flores

Flores has received a request from Professor Audrey Lamb for a referendum on the Provost search that he will bring forward under New Business.

Flores and McClure’s next meeting with Interim Provost is this afternoon and he has promised to give his sense of the Dean’s responses to the cash cuts this year.There are follow-on meetings scheduled Sept 26, Oct 23, Nov 30, and Dec 17.He has also shared that he will hold four more town hall meetings in Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec.October and December will be live, he would like to do podcasts for September and November.

Thomason said that he thinks a podcast is unapproachable and will shut people out of the conversation.Students may notice small changes but they aren’t aware of the big picture resulting from the budget cuts and need face-to-face interaction.

Waller suggested he could make a podcast only for further information and still have a live town hall.Nguyen agreed.

Jetty said he is speaking at Student Senate in October, but that is not really an outreach effort.

Gullickson said that perhaps the majority of students are insulated but marginalized students are already being impacted.She suggested that someone else be on the podcast as well.

Flores will raise these thoughts at their meeting.

     b. Faculty Senate President Kirk McClure

McClure said he is growing frustrated by the budget decision process.Deans will soon be making decisions on the base cuts, which will be harder than cash cuts.

Faculty Senate have delayed changes to the FSRR on faculty having control over all curricular matters (UCCC controlling the common core) and changes on the Faculty Rights Board requirements for grievances, eliminating the procedural violations.

Committees have received their charges and chairs have been contacted.

KBOR staff has charged the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents with strengthening Regents university policies on consensual relationships.Our policy has “should”s rather than “shall”s.

     c. Student Senate Vice President Charles Jetty

Jetty relayed news on the impact of budget cuts on student programming.The Chancellor’s office plans to take $303,000 that the Memorial Corporation Board (governs the Union) gets for licensing one of the Jayhawk trademarks.It’s the only non-fee revenue the Union has and will impact the Student Union’s activities (UnionFest and Eshway carnival).

Thomason has started an Ad Hoc committee.He reported that they believe that Athletics is not invested in paying their share.Students are not going to be complacent.Thomason just did an interview with the UDK and they are on it.

     d. Staff Senate President Michelle Ginavan Hayes

Ginavan-Hayes had a conference call with other KBOR Staff senate representatives to discuss issues.At Emporia State and Fort Hays State, they are moving USS staff to UPS Staff, there are concerns around combining the Senates.Other concerns were the continued increasing cost of health insurance and benefits and tuition benefits for dependents (Wichita State has changed their policy to exclude graduate degrees.)

Staff Senate is breaking down the Employee Value Proposition to figure out where committees can help out.

She and Waller will meet Friday (and monthly) with the Interim Provost.


III.           Amendment to USRR 1.4.2 - Regarding conflicting special exams (attached)

This request for the change came from the Registrar’s Office.It has passed through the Calendar Committee, and come back to SenEx to take to the full University Senate.

Gullickson asked what if the two courses have the same number?It goes to alphabetical order, the same as the final exam policy.

Valdez moved to approve, Thomason seconded.Vote: Passed


VI.          Unfinished Business


 V.           New Business

Administrative Overhead

Waller created this document, handed out in advance, to make a concise explanation and argument for getting more money from Athletics and Endowment for Administrative Overhead.

Kassebaum said that it sounded like the Interim Provost did not seem to address it in the University Senate last week.Waller said he talked to him after the meeting and he seemed unaware of the idea.

Flores asked if SenEx wants to endorse this.

McClure said that he doesn’t see using this tool in discussions with Endowment, their only funds come from donations.He is concerned about using this because there are types of revenues that are already exempted from overhead.

Valdez proposed inviting Athletic Director Jeff Long to come to the Nov. 1 University Senate meeting.He wants to come and has a soft hold on his calendar.Flores asked if he would come to SenEx first, Valdez will ask.Reed will send potential dates.

Thomason said that in Student Senate, the sentiment is that given the timeliness and complexities of Endowment, it’s not feasible to target for additional support during budget cuts.The conversation should be more nuanced.On the AOH idea proposed by Robert Waller, he does not think that Athletics would pursue waivers because it would harm their image.

Ginavan-Hayes said on Endowment, she’d like to see future agreements have AOH fees written in.

Gullickson said this could be an opportunity for the new AD to show that they are working with the Institution.She also asked if KU is asking for any other licensing fees back.No - it’s allocated 60/40 between Athletics/KU.

Flores said the budget for this year has been taken care of by cash cuts and no faculty hiring.The next year’s cuts will be longer term, so we have a little time.

Waller said we need to have a comprehensive plan by January.

Thomason said the longer we wait, the more apathetic people will become.Awareness is spiking right now with the UKD articles.

Valdez proposed inviting the Provost or Chancellor to SenEx?.

Gullickson said she agrees strategically that there is a focus now.Have the conversation about Athletics but take a little more time with Endowment.There are conversations in departments about what is going to happen next year (so it is happening now).She suggested looking at different institutions in the Big 12 and AAU and the relationship with Athletics.

Alexander supports Waller’s plan.He also thinks bringing the Chancellor and Provost to our meeting is important and we should first try to get Chancellor here because the Provost has already been having meetings with Flores and McClure.Kepple agreed.

Kepple also said we need a more proactive position and to think about what the cuts imply (potentially going towards a performance-based model).

Flores said he would ask for a copy of the Dean’s report to bring back.

Alexander moved for SenEx to draft a letter to send Waller's proposal to the chancellor's office via a letter of suggestion to consider an overhead expense cost to Athletics, Gullickson seconded.

Vote: Passed.

Audrey Lamb’s proposal

Flores will meet with Lamb and he will bring it back up at the next meeting.


Kassebaum moved to adjourn, Thomason seconded.  Passed

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