Faculty Senate Elections

Every year during the spring semester, faculty nominate and elect individuals to represent themselves as members of Faculty Senate. Members serve three-year terms, and upon the end of their term, cannot be elected until two years have passed. Resources related to the election process can be found below, including faculty not eligible for nomination, continuing faculty senate members, and the nomination form.

Vote in the Election

Please review the candidates and their bios before opening the ballot, which will be emailed to you. Elections open on March 24th and close March 31st.


The following persons are eligible for election to the Faculty Senate:

1) individuals with an employee classification of faculty, including the library faculty, who possess tenure, and

2) individuals with an employee classification of faculty or unclassified academic staff with full‑time appointments. Eligible job titles include, but are not limited to:  

  • Clinical professor, clinical associate professor, or clinical assistant professor;
  • Instructor or clinical instructor;
  • Lecturer, senior lecturer, or multi-term lecturer;
  • Librarian, associate librarian, or assistant librarian;
  • Professor, associate professor, or assistant professor;
  • Professor of the practice, associate professor of practice, or assistant professor of practice;
  • Research professor, associate research professor, or assistant research professor;
  • Senior curator, associate curator, or assistant curator;
  • Senior scientist, associate scientist, or assistant scientist;
  • Senior specialist, associate specialist, or assistant specialist;
  • Teaching professor, associate teaching professor, or assistant teaching professor.

Faculty Not Eligible for Nomination

Chris Crandall, Professor, Psychology, CLAS 

Dan Dixon, Associate Professor, Molecular Biosciences, CLAS 

Randall Fuller, Distinguished Professor, English, CLAS 

Jeffrey Hall, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, CLAS 

John Hoopes, Professor, Anthropology, CLAS 

Allard Jongman, Professor, Linguistics, CLAS 

Remy Lequesne, Associate Professor, Engineering

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Professor, Mathematics, CLAS 

John Poggio, Professor, Educational Psychology, Education 

Hossein Saiedian, Professor, Engineering

Charlotte Tritch, Lecturer, Business

Xinmai Yang, Associate Professor, Engineering

Mizuki Azuma, Associate Professor, Molecular Biosciences, CLAS

Mahasweta Banerjee, Professor, Social Welfare

Purnaprajna Bangere, Professor, Math, CLAS

Justin Blumenstiel, Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, CLAS

Yvonnes Chen, Associate Professor, Journalism

Antha Cotton-Spreckelmeyer, Associate Specialist, Humanities, CLAS

Lea Currie, Librarian, Libraries

Rana Esfandiary, Assistant Professor, Theatre, CLAS-Arts

Patricia Gaston, Professor, Journalism

Nils Gore, Professor, Architecture & Design

Andrea Herstowski, Associate Professor, Design, Architecture & Design

Laura Hines, Professor, Law

Marike Janzen, Associate Professor, Slavic, German, & Eurasian Studies, CLAS

Randy Logan, Professor of the Practice, Biotechnology, Professional Studies

Tarun Sabarwal, Professor, Economics, CLAS

Jeremy Shellhorn, Associate Professor, Design, Architecture & Design

Geraldo Sousa, Professor, English, CLAS

Continuing Faculty Senate Members

Rafael Acosta, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese, CLAS

Samuel Brody, Associate Professor, Religious Studies, CLAS

Nate Brunsell, Professor, Geography and Atmospheric Science, CLAS

Ben Chappell, Associate Professor, American Studies, CLAS

Tim Hossler, Associate Professor, Architecture and Design

Barbara Kerr, Distinguished Professor, Education

Ani Kokobobo, Associate Professor, Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies, CLAS

Corey Maley, Associate Professor, Philosophy, CLAS

Margaret Marco, Professor, Music

Amanda Mollet, Assistant Professor, Education

Maya Stiller, Associate Professor, Art History, CLAS

Kristin Villa, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy

Josh Arpin, Lecturer, Business, Business

Andi Back, Assistant Librarian, Libraries

Betsy Barnhart, Assistant Professor, Architecture and Design

Victor Gonzalez, Assistant Teaching Professor, Biological Sciences, CLAS

Jonathan Mayhew, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese, CLAS

Brad Osborn, Associate Professor, Music

Russell Ostermann, Associate Professor, Engineering

Anne Patterson, Lecturer, Architecture and Design

Muhammad Hashim Raza, Assistant Professor, Child Language Program, CLAS

Roberta Schwartz, Associate Professor, Music

Sean Seyer, Assistant Professor, History, CLAS