Governance Operating Policies

University Governance operates according to several policies and documents that describe the structures of the various bodies and how they interact to represent campus voices and create policy.

Organizational Policies

University Senate Code (CODE)

The CODE details the organization, structure, responsibilities, and membership of Governance committees and boards. It also contains the procedures for amending the USRR and the FSRR.

Staff Senate Code

The Staff Senate Code describes the structure, committees, and responsibilities of the Staff Senate. It also details how the Staff Senate works in collaboration with the University Senate.

Student Senate Constitution

The Student Senate Constitution describes the structure of Student Senate and the procedures for student referendums and campus initiatives.

University Rules & Regulations

University Senate Rules & Regulations (USRR)

The USRR describes university rules and regulations that are governed by the University Senate, including academic schedules, academic evaluation, and procedures for conflict resolution.

Faculty Senate Rules & Regulations (FSRR)

The FSRR describes the rules and regulations governed by the Faculty Senate, including the organization of the schools, admission to the university, and promotion & tenure.