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Shared Governance at KU

What is Shared Governance?

In the context of the university, shared governance embodies the principles of collaborative decision-making and shared responsibility in running the institution.

Defining & Restoring Shared Governance at KU

In 2022, University Senate called on KU leadership to re-commit to the principles of shared governance. A Shared Governance Advisory Group met throughout the 2022-2023 academic year to define a shared vision of governance at KU and published a final report of recommendations. Learn more about this initiative and its progress.

“Shared governance, according to the [1996] Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities, refers to the responsibility shared among the different components of the institution—governing boards, administrations, and faculties—for its governance, and the specific areas of primary responsibility for each component.”

― American Association of University Professors (AAUP) | Program on Shared Governance

“By including multiple constituencies in decision-making processes, the university can ensure that different voices are heard and integrated into a cohesive vision. Shared governance thus provides the mechanisms to support the university’s autonomy, enabling the institution to fulfill its educational, research, and service missions."

― American Association of Universities (AAU) | Statement on Academic Principles (April 2013)

Campus Constituent Surveys

KU leadership has committed to a 3-year survey cycle to continuously evaluate the experiences of faculty, staff, and students. In partnership with survey sponsors, the Office of Analytics, Institutional Research, & Effectiveness (AIRE) leads the evaluation and assessment activities to make evidence-based recommendations for continuous improvement. While not strictly a Shared Governance initiative, the surveys gather input and perspectives that inform the work of shared governance.

Shared Governance Updates

University Governance leaders highlight recent activity and upcoming meetings of the senate bodies, including Staff Senate publications and the recent forum with the CFO.
University Governance reminds faculty, staff, and students of the upcoming opportunity to ask questions and interface with CFO Jeff DeWitt.
University Governance leaders highlight recent activity and upcoming meetings of the senate bodies and share an opportunity to interface with CFO Jeff DeWitt.