FacEx Appeals

Students can petition for Exceptions to University Wide Academic Policies, also known as FacEx Appeals, to enroll in a course, withdraw from a course, change credit hours or grading designation, and more after the respective enrollment deadlines have passed. View the full policy at the following link, and read the notes below on common mistakes.

View the Policy Details of USRR 2.9

Read This First

Requested Action - Section B

Please think about which action you are requesting. Note that a withdrawal results in a "W" on your transcript. Please contact your advisor if you are concerned about this at all. If you are changing the credit hours or the section of a course, this falls under the "Add" action.

Course Details - Section C

Please make sure to note BOTH the 3-digit catalog number AND the 5-digit class number, as well as both the semester and the year. This information is required before we can proceed with your request.

Submission and Questions

To submit a petition or ask questions, please contact the Office of University Governance.
Email Governance