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University Governance

University Governance houses the University, Faculty, Staff, and Student Senates, which work together with senior leadership to represent and support all campus constituents.

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Senate Elections

Faculty and Staff Senate elections are coming up this Spring! Check back here for updates.

Shared Governance

Learn about our efforts to re-define and realize our vision of shared governance at KU.
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Branches of University Governance

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University Senate

The University Senate brings together the voices of the Student, Staff, and Faculty Senates. The body recommends rules, regulations, and policies on behalf of the University’s faculty, staff, and students.
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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the elected voice of over 1,500 faculty members, including tenured and tenure-track professors, unclassified academic staff, librarians, lecturers, and teaching professors.
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Staff Senate

The Staff Senate is the governing body for all staff at the University of Kansas and advocates on their behalf for workplace improvements, professional development opportunities, employee recognition, and more.
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Student Senate

Student Senate is the primary advocate for students on campus. The body allocates student fees in ways that best serve students and represents the KU student voice to address and develop policy in students' best interests.

Latest Governance Communications

University Governance leaders share updates from the Governance office, including an upcoming forum with the CFO, reorganization of the University Senate, and currently pending policy changes.
SenEx has referred to the University Senate a proposed amendment to the USRR, which will be voted on at the next University Senate meeting. This communication serves as the official 7-day notice to campus on this proposed policy change.

Upcoming Governance Events