Promotion and Tenure Information

Individual Policies & Procedures

  • Standards & Procedures

    FSRR Article 5 establishes standards and procedures for making promotion and tenure recommendations, as well as related matters of faculty evaluation and non-reappointment.

  • Evaluation Procedures

    These procedures describe the annual evaluation process for tenure-track and tenured faculty.

  • Post Tenure Review

    This policy describes the process for post-tenure review of tenured faculty.

  • Appeals Procedures

    These procedures establish the process of consideration of negative promotion and tenure decisions.

Unit-Level Policies & Procedures

  • Unit Policy Checklist for Initial Reviews

    This checklist is a tool to be used by units that carry out initial reviews to determine the degree to which their promotion and tenure policies and procedures are consistent with Article VI. Typically, departments and non-departmentalized schools carry out initial reviews.

  • Unit Policy Checklist for Intermediate Reviews

    This checklist is similar to the above but to be used by units that conduct intermediate reviews. Typically, schools and the College conduct intermediate reviews.