Academic Policies and Procedures FY2023

Committee Details:

Committee: Academic Policy and Procedures
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2023
Fiscal Year: 2023


  • Joe Walden, Business, Faculty, 2023 (Chair)
  • Michael Eckersley, Design, Faculty, 2023
  • Sean Seyer, History, Faculty, 2025
  • Weizhang Huang, Math, Faculty, 2024
  • Anil Misra, Engineering, Faculty, 2025
  • Kalen Stockton, Jayhawk Academic Advising, Staff, 2025
  • Sarah Wilson Merriman, Student Access Center, Staff, 2023
  • Sadie Williams, Voting Student
  • Hollie Hall, Voting Student
  • Samantha Ghali, Voting Student
  • Michael Pahr, Undergraduate Advising Executive Committee, Ex-officio
  • Casey Wallace, University Registrar or designee, Ex-officio
  • Karen Ledom, Director of Student Academic Services in CLAS, Ex-officio
  • Kristine Latta, Assistant Vice Provost, Graduate Studies, Ex-officio


Standing Charges

  1. Be prepared to respond to SenEx requests for reviews of academic policy issues. (ongoing)
  2. Monitor proposals for academic program restructuring and discontinuance, hold hearings, and follow other procedures in accordance with Article VIII of the University Senate Rules and Regulations. Report issues or recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)
  3. Consider input from Student Senate on desired changes to academic policies. (ongoing)

Specific Charges

  1. Evaluate USRR 2.8.1, Academic Forgiveness policy, and compare it to other peer institutions.  Consider a policy similar to Wichita State. December 1, 2022.

Meeting Minutes

AP&P Meeting Minutes - Sept. 21, 2022
AP&P Meeting Minutes - Sept. 28, 2022
AP&P Meeting Minutes - Nov. 16, 2022

Final Reports and Outcomes

AP&P Final Report FY2023 (pdf)

Academic Policies and Procedures FY2023