Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits FY2010

Committee Details:

Committee: Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits
Committee Category: Task Forces
Fiscal Year: 2010


Steven Maynard-Moody ( Public Admin) - faculty – CO-CHAIR

Natalie Parker (Institute for Policy & Social Rsch) – unclassified Staff – CO-CHAIR

Lori Messinger (Social Welfare) – faculty

Paul Farran (Student Success Tech Svs) – Unclassified Staff

Peggy Palmer (Student Success Tech Svs) - University Support Staff

Saida Bonifield – student

Madi Vanniman – HREO Staff




1.    Identify the steps that the University of Kansas would need to follow to adopt domestic partnership benefits for employees of the University. 

a.    Note the sources of authority for any changes in benefits policy that might be recommended, e.g., changes in statute, Regents policy, or KU policy.

b.    Note how KU’s peer institutions have defined and implemented domestic partnership benefits. 

c.     Determine the advantages and disadvantages to KU of adopting domestic partner benefits, including but not limited to, questions of equity and diversity, and competitiveness in recruitment and rates of retention for faculty and staff.

d.   Report plan and recommendation for action to SenEx by December 1, 2009.

Final Reports and Outcomes

Final Report of the University Senate Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits (PDF)

Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits FY2010