Governance Communications

University Governance shares a variety of statements, updates, and resources with the KU campus. Browse the selection of articles below for progress on pending policy amendments, updates on Shared Governance efforts, and more.
University Governance leaders welcome all those at KU back to campus and share a brief recap of last year's activity, as well as a preview of what's to come this semester.
University Governance leaders share their final updates of the year, including the current status of the Shared Governance initiative and a summary of the policies amendments passed this year.
The Office of the Provost and Staff Senate leaders remind staff of the upcoming engagement sessions to discuss the results of the recent staff satisfaction survey.
University Governance leaders share updates from the Governance office, including recent presentations, the election of new governance leaders, and upcoming opportunities for staff feedback.
The Governance Office has put together a description of the current situation and resources for further reading on the USD 497 4-day school week