Libraries Committee FY2023

Committee Details:

Committee: Libraries Committee
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2023
Fiscal Year: 2023


  • Rami Zeedan, Jewish Studies, Faculty, 2023 (Chair)
  • Tom Allen, Architecture, Faculty, 2023
  • Suman Mallik, Business, Faculty, 2023
  • Zak Foste, Leadership and Policy Studies, Education, Faculty, 2024
  • Aaron Scurto, Engineering, Faculty, 2025
  • Genelle Belmas, Journalism, Faculty, 2024
  • Elizabeth Berghout, Music, Faculty, 2023
  • Tom Tolbert, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Faculty, 2025
  • Michael Riquino, Social Welfare, Faculty, 2025
  • Ray Pierotti, EEB, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Faculty, 2024
  • John Gluckman, Linguistics, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Faculty, 2024
  • Mary Klayder, English, Humanities, Faculty, 2024
  • Jane Barnette, School of the Arts, Faculty, 2025
  • Kathryn Willson, O'Leary SSC, Staff, 2023
  • Angela Robb, Applied Behavioral Sciences, Staff, 2024
  • Samuel Sokoloff, Voting Student
  • Lena Mose, Voting Student
  • Trey Myers, Voting Student
  • TBD, Voting Student
  • Beth Whittaker, Interim Dean, Ex-officio
  • Scott Hanrath, Interim Dean, Ex-officio
  • Pam Crawford, Law Librarian, Law Library, Ex-officio
  • TBD, Univ. Support Staff library staff, Ex-officio
  • Chris Bohling, Unclassified Library Staff, Ex-officio
  • TBD, Library Faculty, Ex-officio


Standing Charges

  1. Monitor and support the Libraries’ long-range planning and allocation of resources—staff, physical space, equipment, collections, digitally-based information, etc.—in light of the needs of different academic disciplines and the budget situation. Assist in communicating about planning resource allocations to support teaching (including both undergraduate and graduate) and research. Report issues and recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)
  2. Assess and assist with the effectiveness of communication and space utilization between the Libraries and students, faculty, and staff, about topics including but not limited to library-based instruction in classes and academic programs in support of university-wide learner outcomes. Report issues and recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing).
  3. Obtain a report from the Open Access advisory board concerning activities, and long-range planning for Open Access at KU.
  4. FY2023: According to the Open Access Policy for University of Kansas Scholars, the policy should be reviewed every three years. The policy was last reviewed and updated in FY2020 (

Specific Charges

  1. Work with the Strategic Action Team to help communicate to campus the difficulties with the collection budget.
  2. Continue monitoring the progress of the Watson Library renovation project.
  3. Make recommendations regarding the University Senate Library Committee’s role  regarding the Wheat Law Library.  Forward any recommendations to the University Senate Executive committee for review and approval.

Meeting Minutes

Libraries Committee Meeting Minutes - Nov. 1, 2022
Libraries Committee Meeting Minutes - Dec. 2, 2022
Libraries Committee Meeting Minutes - March 27, 2023

Final Reports and Outcomes

Libraries Committee Final Report FY2023

Libraries Committee FY2023