Academic Computing and Electronic Communications FY2023

Committee Details:

Committee: Academic Computing and Electronic Communications
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2023
Fiscal Year: 2023


  • Andi Back, Libraries, Faculty, 2024 (Chair)
  • TBD, Business, Faculty
  • David Rahn, Geography, Faculty, 2025
  • Zsolt Talata, Mathematics, Faculty, 2023
  • Jila Niknejad, Mathematics, Faculty
  • TBD, Libraries, Staff, 2023
  • Joseph Chapes, IT, Staff, 2025
  • Andrew Beckwith, Voting Student
  • TBD, Voting Graduate Student
  • Mary Walsh, IT Services, Ex-officio
  • David Day, IT, Visitor


Standing Charges

  1. Monitor current and proposed policy concerning security of information, intellectual property rights and responsibilities, and other matters relating to information technology. Identify issues for which policy should be developed or revised. Report issues and any recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)

Specific Charges

  1. Continue to review IT Governance. Noting the committee should be included in the IT Governance structure. 
  2. Work with IT to exploring other options, such as using MyKU to distribute confidential documents such as contracts. (See FY2022 final report)
  3. Work with IT, on identification of options and university resources that instructors and others may have regarding the reproduction or publication of course materials or related intellectual resources by students and others via the internet.  (See FY2022 final report)

Meeting Minutes

ACEC Meeting Minutes - Nov. 4, 2022
ACEC Meeting Minutes - Dec. 19, 2022
ACEC Meeting Minutes - Jan. 27, 2023
ACEC Meeting Minutes - Feb. 28, 2023
ACEC Meeting Minutes - April 27, 2023

Final Reports and Outcomes

ACEC Final Report FY2023 (pdf)

Academic Computing and Electronic Communications FY2023