Academic Computing and Electronic Communications FY2021

Committee Details:

Committee: Academic Computing and Electronic Communications
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2021
Fiscal Year: 2021


  • Chair: Angela Rathmel, Libraries (2021)
  • Faculty: Mathew Jacobson, Film and Media (2021)
  • Faculty: Hong Vu, Journalism (2022)
  • Faculty: Phillip Wedge, English (2022)
  • Faculty: Zsolt Talata, Mathematics (2023)
  • Staff: Scott Cossel, Libraries (2023)
  • Staff: Adam Mansfield, Legal Aid for Students
  • Student: Addison Henson
  • Graduate Student: Pamela Johnson
  • Ex-officio: Mary Walsh, IT Services or designee
  • Ex-officio: Jeff Chasen, Associate Vice Provost, Compliance


Standing Charges

  1. Monitor current and proposed policy concerning security of information, intellectual property rights and responsibilities, and other matters relating to information technology. Identify issues for which policy should be developed or revised. Report issues and any recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing) 

Specific Charges

  1. Follow up on how the pandemic response went and implications for online instruction in the future – will this produce a future push to offering online instruction? If so, what are the implications for faculty and staff?
  1. Follow up on Library concerns around situations in which a vendor notifies KU that a user has been abusing their service by downloading too much material.
    1. History: The Library is put in the middle by having to try to identify the user by IP number and notifying them of the vendor's complaint. The KU user may feel that the Library is accusing them of wrongdoing. The Libraries would like to better understand the activity in order to justify legitimate academic computing use to the vendor. At the same time the Library is under pressure from the vendor for immediate compliance/resolution.
    2. Consider the question of whether this is consistent with any University response or policy to similar situations. Consider which University entities should be involved in formulating a broader policy covering this issue.

Meeting Minutes

ACEC Meeting Minutes - Oct. 20, 2020
ACEC Meeting Minutes - Feb. 18, 2021

Final Reports and Outcomes

ACEC Final Report FY2021

Academic Computing and Electronic Communications FY2021