USRR Proposed Amendment: Capstone Requirement (7-day Notice)

To: KU Faculty, Staff and Students   

From: Ani Kokobobo, University Senate President  

Re: Review of Amendment to the University Senate Rules and Regulations

In response to the statewide General Education package and in an effort to align our existing Core Curriculum with this package, we will amend the USRR code, Article 3, Section 1.1, to integrate the capstone requirement previously reflected in the core (what was Core Goal 6) into the Bachelor's Degree. The proposed amendment follows below:

USSR Section 1. Requirements for Graduation with the Bachelor's Degree 

3.1.1 The minimum requirement for graduation with a bachelor's degree shall be 120 credit hours ​and at least 45 hours shall be in junior-senior courses ​(including a 3 credit capstone course or equivalent, as determined by the relevant academic unit), at least 30 hours of residence courses at the University of Kansas (as defined in Article IV of the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations) and a 2.0 minimum cumulative grade point average for the coursework taken in residence at the University of Kansas.

The University Senate will discuss this policy on March 30 at 3:15 pm.

Under University Senate Code, Article 1.8.2 (f), a motion may be made to suspend the provision requiring the senate to discuss an amendment at one meeting and vote at a second. If such a motion is made and passes by a 2/3 majority, a vote on these amendments may occur at the March 30 meeting. 

Please note that it is a requirement that proposed changes to the USRR code be sent to all faculty, staff, and students, but no action is required on your part unless you wish to submit a written comment. Please forward your written comments on the proposed amendments to the University Governance Office (email: by noon on March 30, 2023.

Please contact the University Governance Office,, if you have any questions regarding these amendments.