University Senate

The University Senate consists of thirteen student members elected from the Student Senate, twelve staff members elected from the Staff Senate, and thirty‑nine Faculty members elected to the Faculty Senate. The Chancellor and the Provost are ex-officio, non-voting members.  The presidents of the Student, Faculty, and Staff Senates are also ex-officio, non-voting members of the University Senate if they are not among the elected members of the University Senate. 

The University Senate recommend rules, regulations, and policies on behalf of the University’s faculty, staff and students.  Pursuant to the University Senate Code, Article I. Section I. Privilege:

It shall be the privilege of the University Senate to address itself to the faculty, students and staff, to the Chancellor, and to the Board of Regents on any matter relating to the University and its operation. 

University Senate President

The president of the University Senate, serves as chair of the University Senate Executive Committee (SenEx), and presides over the meetings of both entities.