University Senate President, Hossein Saiedian's Year-End Report

A summary of the University Senate and SenEx talking points, accomplishments, and reports

Hossein Saiedian, President, the University Senate, 2021-2022


  • Discussion of Final Report from Ad-Hoc Committee- Request from Staff Senate to reorganize the University and Faculty Senates
  • Discussion of University Senate Meeting Protocol for FY2022
  • SenEx organization, committees


  • Meeting with Vice Provost for Operations Mike Rounds
  • Topics: PPE, social distancing, remote workforce policy, conceal carry, communication


  • Discussion on Memorandum of Agreement with Athletics -Faculty, Staff, Retirees Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Seating Plan Introductions
  • Amend the University Senate Code to permit faculty or staff to chair non-academic subcommittees. Passed1
    • Academic Computing and Electronic Communications (ACEC)
    • International Affairs Committee
    • Libraries
    • Retirees Rights and Benefits
  • Amend the University Senate Code change to allow the University Senate Executive Committee to appoint chairs to the University Senate Committees. Passed
  • Amend the University Senate Code change to allow a student to be nominated to the vice-president and parliamentarian position in even fiscal years and a staff member in odd fiscal years. Passed


  • The chair of AP&P has requested an extension on the timeline to conduct hearings for active programs. Passed


  • Report from the University Ombuds Office w/ Ada Emmett and DA Graham
  • Discussion regarding campus leaders’ and housing’s response to sexual assault
    • How can students be more supported?
  • Discussion regarding the process of AP&P hearings
  • Discussion of amendment to University Senate Code, regarding the Graduate Student Body Vice President.


  • Discussion of recommendation edit to the USRR-Medical Withdrawal (2.3.3) w/ VP Susan Klusmeier
  • October 12, 2021 meeting. A meeting was held on October 12, 2021, with Ada Emmett to discuss the annual review of the University Ombud's Office. Some of the shortcomings and challenges that were discussed were as follows: lack of visibility, short on staff, long-term use of acting and/or interim of essential position, and lack of data on participation diversity. The Ombud's Office is a valuable campus resource for students, staff, and faculty. Those who have used the Office have positive reviews.
  • October 12, 2021 meeting. The senate leaders met with CFO Jeff Dewitt on October 12, 2021. Topics like compensation and inequities compared with the peer institutions, low morale, and retention concerns were discussed. CFO Dewitt promised efforts to make KU more competitive.
  • October 15, 2021 meeting. The SenEx met to discuss the upcoming meeting with the KBOR on Thursday, October 21, 2021. The members discussed the organization of the meeting. Also: please take this as a gentle reminder that the KBOR meeting is scheduled at 9:15 am in Beren Conference Center, G192 Slawson Hall.
  • October 18, 2021. Per email communications with Dr. D.A. Graham, Interim Vice Provost for DEIB, KU is planning to roll out a DEIB mandatory training program early in November. This training is through Mytalent.
  • October 19, 2021. D.A. Graham will be attending the SenEx meeting December 7, 2021.
  • Discussion of membership to the University Senate Retirees Rights and Benefits Committee
  • Update: The Student Senate approved an amendment to the SSRR, Article II Section 10.2.8, adding the statement that the GSBVP will be an ex-officio non-voting member on SenEx. 10.2.8 University Senate Executive Committee (non-voting)
  • The question is should there be a line added to the University Senate Code regarding membership for the Retirees Committee
  • The Committee on Retirees Rights and Benefits shall be composed of one active faculty member, who shall serve as chair; one retired faculty member; one active and one retired unclassified professional staff member; and one active and one retired university support staff member. All of the aforementioned shall serve three-year staggered terms. The committee shall also include the President of the Endacott Society or designee who has retired from the University of Kansas, and an ex-officio, non-voting member from the office of the Provost.

  • Discussion w/ AVP Jeff Chasen regarding his role
  • Progress report: Ad-hoc Committee Program Discontinuance:
  • USRR 2.3.3. revision. October 19, 2021: SenEx met with Susan Klusmeier, VP for Academic Success, RE: USRR 2.3.3 modifications. SenEx members will review and revise the modifications to remove redundancy and inconsistencies.
  • Vaccination mandate. October 22, 2021: The Chancellor announced that all KU employees will be required by law to be vaccinated. This requirement follows President Joe Biden's executive order requiring employees of institutions that contract with the federal government to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by December 8th.


  • Guest speaker: Jeff DeWitt, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance
  • Report on SenEx met with the KBOR on October 21, 2021; Students, staff, and faculty reps discussed their needs, expectations, and challenges; The meeting was productive and mutually beneficial; Some KBOR members showed an interest in following up about certain issues; An excellent report summarizing the meeting (by Nick Syrett):


  • Review of amendment to USRR 1.3.2 (Final Examination Schedules). Passed.
  • Discussion: Sexual Violence Policy
  • Brief discussion: Student Senate CLACS Resolution


  • D.A Graham spoke about the Inclusive Excellence Framework
  • Discussion: USRR 2.3.3 Compassionate Withdrawal. Passed.
  • Further discussion: Student Senate CLACS Resolution – tabled
  • Update: Ad-Hoc Program Discontinuance Committee
  • Review of Retiree Rights and Benefits Committee Statement (hiring a GA to help with comprehensive study) – SenEx blessing given


  • Update: Program discontinuance (The Provost has approved some of our recommendations and they have been forwarded to the Chancellor there are other ones that are still being discussed.)
  • Discussion regarding incompletes and the Registrar’s Office
  • Further updates on Ad-Hoc Program Discontinuance Committee and Sexual Assault Policy
  • Discussion: Codify in the USRR a statement regarding plagiarism and administrative positions
  • Brief discussion regarding APCC membership (governance member)
  • Revised calendar for Spring 2022 (Kathy Reed)


  • Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer and Athletic Director, Travis Goff
  • VP Brown evaluation
  • KBOR approved an additional tenure clock for the 2020 tenure track faculty
  • (Bi-)Weekly Covid meetings; cases dropping
  • COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey (February 2022; a job satisfaction survey)


  • Update on KU finances w/ CFO Jeff Dewitt
  • Revision to USRR 2.3.3 - added one line after comments received from the university community. Passed.


  • Discussion w/ VP Matt Melvin and Casey Wallace regarding the Incomplete grades and the Registrar’s Office


  • Corrine Bannon, Jayhawk Risingn
  • Amendment to the Retroactive Withdrawal USRR 2.3.3
  • Amendment to University Senate Code: Retirees Rights and Benefits Committee
  • Discussion and vote: University Senate Resolution, Restore Shared Governance at KU


  • Amendment to USRR – Sexual Assault. Passed.
  • Statement regarding plagiarism and administrative positions – tabled
  • Discussion: Inclement weather policy
  • CLAS Dean Search w/ VC Simon Atkinson and Assoc Dean Kim Warren


  • Recommendation from AP&P (Karen Moeller): USRR 1.3.12 Final Exams-Mandated Religious Holidays. Passed
  • Recommendation from AP&P: (Karen Moeller) Amendment to USRR –2.6.5 Reduction of grade for the course. Passed
  • FRPR Resolution to Defend Academic Freedom in Teaching and Community Engagement. Passed


  • Chief of Police Mosley


  • Faculty compensation committee report (a 2.8% increase in assistant professor positions; decrease in all other positions) based on 9/2021 data
  • Faculty compensation committee report: KU still at bottom of compensation compared with peer institutions based on 9/2021 data


Guest speakers at the University Senate and SenEx meetings

SenEx guest speakers

Acting University Ombuds, Ada Emmett

Associate Ombuds Mike Rozinsky

D.A. Graham

Vice Provost Susan Klusmeier

Jeff Chasen: Assistant Vice Provost, Employee Growth, Development, Accessibility, & Inclusion & Director of the ADA Resource Center for Equity and Accessibility

D.A. Graham, Interim Vice Provost Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

Jeff DeWitt, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance

Casey Wallace, Associate University Registrar

Matt Melvin, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management

Karen Moeller, AP&P Chair

University Senate guest speakers

Chancellor Douglas Girod

Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer

Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Dewitt

Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer

Athletic Director, Travis Goff

Corrine Bannon, Jayhawk Rising

Chief of Policy, Nelson Mosley

1 Passed = moved to full Senate