Task Force on Unclassified Academic Staff FY2010

Committee Details:

Committee: Task Force on Unclassified Academic Staff
Committee Category: Task Forces
Fiscal Year: 2010

Committee Description

Given the unique status and varied nature of unclassified academic staff positions and the absence of any standing governance committee with responsibility for their concerns, FacEx is creating a Task Force charged to address issues affecting academic staff.


Rex Buchanan, deputy director, KS Geo Survey - CHAIR

Susan Earle, curator, Spencer Museum of Art

Barbara Woods, clinical assistant professor, Pharmacy

Dale Walker, assoc. research professor, Life Span Institute

Kelly Kindscher, assoc. scientist, KS Biological Survey

Pam Keller, clinical assoc. professor, Law

Staffed by Jenny Mehmedovic, Provost’s Office


  1. Consult with members of the academic staff, appropriate administrative personnel, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, and relevant governance committees to develop policies designed specifically for Academic Staff in the areas of evaluation of performance, job security, dismissal and non-reappointment, modified instructional duties, application of the Code of Faculty Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and outside consulting.  Report back by March 9, 2010 2.
  2. Consider whether unclassified academic staff ought to have more formal representation on Faculty and University Governance so that they can be adequately represented in the decision making bodies of the University.  Report by March 9, 2010. 

Final Reports and Outcomes

September 13, 2010 Report (PDF)

Proposed New Policy or Recommended Policy Changes Provost's Office Response ​May 18, 2011 (PDF)

Task Force on Unclassified Academic Staff FY2010