Task Force on Teaching and Learning FY2008

Committee Details:

Committee Category: Task Forces
Fiscal Year: 2008


Task Force on Assessment of Teaching & Learning FY08-Chair & Committee Members

Chair: Dan Bernstein, Center for Teaching Excellence
Ron Dougherty, Mechanical Engineering
Robert Goldstein, Geology
Robin Rowland, Communication Studies
Susan Williams, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
Susan Twombly, Ed. Leadership & Policy Studies
Ben Eggleston, Philosophy 
Barbara Barnett, Journalism
Chris Haufler, Eco. & Evo. Bio.
Joshua Rosenbloom, Economics



Date approved by Faculty Senate 8/30/07

  • Contact FacEx chair Rick Levy, rlevy@ku.edu, for further information or to schedule a meeting with FacEx to discuss recommendations for action on the charges.
  • A final report on the task force’s actions on each of the charges, as well as the Task Force’s recommendations for the following year, should be emailed to the Governance Office (govern@ku.edu) by December 1, 2007.

Building on its excellent work during FY 07, the task force should:

  • Continue developing an evaluation form for use by students that can be made available to all units for voluntary use by instructors.
  • Work with the Standards and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Committee to develop a guidance document for units concerning the evaluation of teaching for purposes of promotion and tenure that furthers the principles developed by the task force and endorsed by the Faculty Senate and is consistent with Article VI of the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations.
  • Develop further specific proposals for action to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning throughout the University.

In performing these tasks, the task force should consult with and seek input from all University constituencies, with particular attention to the needs and concerns of students.

Final Reports and Outcomes

Final Report- April 23, 2007 (PDF)


Task Force on Teaching and Learning FY2008