Task Force on Promotion and Tenure FY2013

Committee Details:

Committee: Task Force on Promotion and Tenure
Committee Category: Task Forces
Fiscal Year: 2013

Committee Description

At the end of 2005, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FacEx) created the Task Force on Promotion and Tenure and charged it with the massive task of conducting a comprehensive review of current standards, procedures, and practices relating to tenure and promotion and proposing revisions to Article VI of the Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations. FacEx was responding to a variety of problems that had arisen in regard to the promotion and tenure process including poorly organized and confusing provisions, multiple sets of overlapping standards and procedures, and issues of communication, transparency, and fairness throughout the process. The task force, chaired by Prof. Rick Levy, met throughout 2006-07 and sought broad participation by the University community through a series of pubic fora and by posting a lengthy discussion draft for public review and comments. The Faculty Senate approved the original Task Force Report and Recommendations on  May 3, 2007 and the Chancellor approved on September 17, 2007.

As nearly five years have passed since the new provisions in FSRR Art. VI were implemented, the Faculty Executive Committee is creating a new task force.


Chair: Susan Twombly, Ed Leadership & Policy Studies
Vince Barker, Business
John Broholm, Journalism
Judith Emde, Libraries
Kenneth Fischer, Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Gleason, Ecology
Megan Greene, East Asian Studies & History
Mike Kautsch, Law
Margaret Marco, Music
Thomas Prisinzano, Medicinal Chemistry
Michael C. Roberts, Applied Behavior Science
Mohamed El-Hodiri, Economics
Ex-officio non-voting:  Mary Lee Hummert


Charge to the FY2013 Task Force

The Task Force is charged to review the overall promotion and tenure procedures described in FSRR Article VI and in particular to:

1) review the experiences with the new procedures,

2) collect multiple perspectives and analyses from persons and committees involved in the process in a variety of ways

3) consider the timeline for appeals of negative promotion and tenure decisions,

4) consider the possible introduction of a second opportunity, in rare instances, to appeal a negative tenure decision after the Chancellor’s decision is made,

5) consider the scope and limitation on FRB’s actions in appeals of negative tenure decisions, which is now limited to procedural violations.

A report should be provided to FacEx by February 11, 2013 in order to allow sufficient time for any proposed amendments to FSRR Art. VI to be acted on by the Faculty Senate in FY13.

Meeting Minutes

Available upon request

Final Reports and Outcomes

Final Report(PDF)

Task Force on Promotion and Tenure FY2013