Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Meeting Details:

Fiscal Year: FY2023
Time: 3:15 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Guest Speaker: Simon Atkinson (Vice Chancellor of Research) and Wint Winter (KBOR)
Minutes Recorded By: Suzanne Scales
Minutes Approved on:


Attending Members

  • Nate Brunsell
  • Ani Kokobobo
  • Josh Arpin
  • Mizuki Azuma
  • Andi Back
  • Mahasweta Banerjee
  • Betsy Barnhart
  • Justin Blumenstiel
  • Samuel Brody
  • Yvonnes Chen
  • Antha Cotton-Spreckelmeyer
  • Lea Currie
  • Patricia Gaston
  • Nils Gore
  • Andrea Herstowski
  • Tim Hossler
  • Marike Janzen
  • Randy Logan
  • Corey Maley
  • Russell Ostermann
  • Anne Patterson
  • Muhammad Hashim Raza
  • Sean Seyer
  • Geraldo Sousa

Other Attendees

  • Saralyn Hardy
  • Jen Roberts
  • Stephan Kajpust
  • Simon Atkinson
  • Gwen Geiger
  • Richard Hale
  • Ben Eggleston
  • Erik Lundquist
  • Zarko Boskovic
  • Bozeena Pasik-Duncan
  • Dan Dixon
  • Jacob Stutzman
  • Mechele Leon
  • Kristi Neufeld
  • Hume Feldman
  • Cecelia Zhang
  • Ilya Vakser
  • Jeff Chasen
  • Renee White
  • Megan Sheldon
  • Jay Kalbas
  • Michael Peper
  • Chris Elles
  • Fithawee Tzeggai
  • Henry Bial
  • Tyronne Duncan
  • Michael Vitevitch
  • Anna Neill
  • Susan Earle
  • Najarian Peters
  • George Tsoflias
  • Chris Anderson
  • Madi Vannaman
  • Wint Winter
  • Ari Linden
  • Margaret Bayer
  • Sanjay Mishra
  • Suzanne Scales

Guest Speaker Presentation

Guest Speaker: Simon Atkinson (Vice Chancellor of Research) and Wint Winter (KBOR)

Nate Brunsell introduced the guest speaker Simon Atkinson, Vice Chancellor of Research at the University of Kansas.  VCR Atkinson’s presented on the vision for research for the office and across campus and how to engage with Governance.  A question and answer session followed.

Wint Winter of the Kansas Board of Regents joined as a guest speaker.  He spoke about his commitment to higher education, and specifically his support for tenure-track.  Winter spoke of the challenges facing higher education. There was a question and answer session.


Faculty Senate Report

Reporter: Nate Brunsell (Faculty Senate President)

Brunsell said his president’s report was previously sent, and to let him know if there were any questions.

Unfinished Business

Brunsell said that we would approve minutes from the September 15, 2022 meeting at the next Faculty Senate meeting.  None opposed.

Faculty Senate - Oct. 20, 2022

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