Retirees Rights and Benefits FY2022

Committee Details:

Committee: Retirees Rights and Benefits
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: 2022


Chair: John Poggio, EPSY (2023)

Emeritus Faculty: Ed Martinko (2022)

Unclassified Staff: Annette Delaney, Kansas Geological Survey (2023)

Retired Unclassified Staff: Kathy Jansen,

University Support Staff: Delores Barnard, O'Leary SSC (2023)

Retired University Support Staff: Charlotte Goodman

Endacott Society Designee: Ed Meyen 

Ex officio, non-voting: Chris Brown, Vice Provost, Faculty Development




Approved by SenEx:  June 3, 2021

Approved by University Senate:  September 9, 2021


This committee works to promote communication with retirees, support their participation in the life of the university, inform retirees of their rights, and otherwise improve the experience of retirees both as an acknowledgment of valued service and as an important asset for the university.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with SenEx to discuss charges or the committee’s work, contact SenEx Chair Hossein Saiedian.


  • Minutes of each meeting should be e-mailed to the Governance Office ( as they are approved.  The minutes will be posted to the Governance web site
  • If the committee is recommending a change to university policy or rules, please the Governance Office (
  • Please send a report of the committee’s actions on each of the charges, as well as any recommendations the committee wishes to make concerning charges or membership for the following academic year, to University Governance, at, and submit the final report by April 29, 2022.


FY2021 Standing charges:


  1. Promote all appropriate means of communication with retirees, with special emphasis on seeking information from them about their needs and concerns.


  1. Consult with SenEx about views and concerns related to retirees.


  1. Seek feedback from retirees and University offices about the Retirees Handbook and work with staff to ensure that it remains current. (ongoing)


  1. Maintain a list of recent retirees from the faculty, unclassified professional staff, and university support staff, that would like to serve on this committee.


  1. In FY2023, survey retirees (see SenEx for survey questions).


FY2022 Specific charges:


Final Reports and Outcomes

FY2022 Final Report

Retirees Rights and Benefits FY2022