International Affairs FY2021

International Affairs FY2021


International Affairs


Standing Committees of the University Senate


International Affairs: This committee works to improving the international dimension of KU by expanding opportunities and monitoring success of incoming international students and by promoting, expanding, and enhancing opportunities for KU students, faculty, and staff to have international experiences.

The Committee on International Affairs shall be composed of four faculty members serving staggered three-year terms, two representatives from the staff serving staggered three-year terms, two student members serving one-year terms, and the following ex-officio, non-voting member the Associate Vice Provost for International Programs or designee.


Chair: Virginia Harper Ho, Law (2021) 
Faculty: Peter Ukpokodu, African/African American Studies (2021)
Faculty: Kwangok Song, C&T (2022)
Faculty: Whitney Baker, Libraries (2022)
Staff: Billie Archer (2021)
Staff: Aramis Waston, Student Housing (2022)
Student: Hollie Hall
Student: Humberto Gomez
Ex-officio, Charlie Bankart, Associate Vice Provost, International Programs


Approved by SenEx: May 29, 2020
Approved by University Senate:  September 10, 2020

For further information or to schedule a meeting with SenEx to discuss charges or the committee’s work, contact SenEx Chair Sanjay Mishra.   

  • Minutes of each meeting should be e-mailed to the Governance Office ( as they are approved.  The minutes will be posted to the Governance web site.
  • If the committee is recommending a change to university policy or rules, please contact Ellen Slikker at
  • Please send a report of the committee’s actions on each of the charges, as well as any recommendations the committee wishes to make concerning charges or membership for the following academic year, to University Governance, at, and submit the final report by April 30, 2021.  

Standing charges:

  1. Develop contact with the leadership of International Student Association and organizations and international student senators.
  2. Continue to review and as needed make recommendations on how the University may better accommodate access of International Student’s to supportive services. 
  3. As needed review and provide input on new policies that relate to international research and teaching.
  4. As needed review and provide input on new policies that relate to international studies, research, and teaching, received from SenEx.

Specific Charges:

  1. In consultation with the KUIA units, GOS and others, develop recommendations for the appropriate governance procedures that should apply to new University policies that relate to international studies, research, and teaching.
  2. In consultation with KUIA units, develop recommendations on the appropriate governance structure to flexibly provide oversight and input to GOS on all matters affecting international studies, research, teaching, and exchange.
  3. Review and provide recommendations to SenEx regarding policies proposed by the Office of Global Operations & Security (GOS) that will affect international studies, research, teaching, and exchange. 
  4. Consider the COVID-19 emergency response by KU, how it affected international students, and make recommendations for future emergencies.
  5. Consult with new Vice Provost for D&I and Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, David Cook, to better the relationship with the committee and integrate the consideration of International Affairs and the mission of the university.