Faculty Senate Research Committee Recommendations for the General Research Fund (GRF) Allocation

Dear KU Faculty,

The Faculty Senate Research Committee was charged with assessing the allocation of KU’s General Research (GRF) funds, which has not been revised since 1994 and does not reflect the current stage of development and growth of the university.

The Committee’s recommendation was first discussed during the fall of 2022, followed by a faculty survey in May 2023, which indicated that faculty were in favor of modifying the current GRF allocation in a more equitable and transparent form.

The Research Committee presented their revised recommendations to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee on February 20, 2024.  The Faculty Senate discussed the recommendation at the February 22 meeting. The Faculty Senate discussed it again at the April 4 meeting, and a motion to vote on the recommendation was raised.  The motion to accept the recommendation was passed at the April 4 meeting. 

Specifically, the Committee recommends:

  • Reallocate the GRF funds based on the size of the unit, with size being calculated as the number of individuals in each unit with PI status (Note: PI status does not consider if an individual has been, or is currently, a PI on a grant, but only considers if their appointment makes them eligible to be a PI).
  • Add the School of Professional Studies to the allocation.
  • Combine all CLAS allocations into one allocation as is done with the other Schools.

Please note that we are notifying you of this adjustment of the GRF, but no action is required on your part unless you wish to submit a written comment.  It is important to mention that, based on the Committee’s recommendation, the adjustment in the GRF allocation will take place gradually over the next three years. In addition, the Committee will review and reassess ongoing adjustments each year.  Please send your written comment to the University Governance Office at govern@ku.edu by Wednesday, May 8 at Noon.

Thank you,

Victor Gonzalez, Faculty Senate President

Josh Roundy, Faculty Research Committee co-chair

Celka Straughn, Faculty Research Committee co-chair