Faculty Research FY2019

Committee Details:

Committee: Faculty Research
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2019
Fiscal Year: 2019


  • Chair: Becci Akin, Social Welfare (2020)
  • Yan Bing Zhang, Communication Studies (Spring 2019)
  • Minyoung Kim, Business (Fall 2019)
  • John Keating, Economics (2019)
  • Diane Fourny, Humanities (2019)
  • Ivana Radovanovic, Anthropology (2019)
  • Sherri Brown, Libraries (2020)
  • Sarah Robins, Philosophy (2020)
  • Peter Bobkowski, Journalism (2020)
  • Paulette Spencer, Mech. Eng. (2021)
  • Abel Chikanda, Geography & Atmo Science (2021)
  • Steven Maynard-Moody, Public Admin/Govt/PRI (2021)
  • James Thorp, Kansas Biological Survey (2019)
  • John Colombo, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Ex-officio: Belinda Sturm, Associate Vice Chancellor Research
  • Graduate Student Representative: TBD


Standing Charges

  1. FY2019: Monitor the administration of the General Research Fund (GRF) and make recommendations, as needed, to ensure its effectiveness and appropriate utilization.  Report to FacEx by 3/8/19.  (see specific charge #1.)
  2. Monitor the implementation of policies and procedures for determining which proposals will go forward in cases where the number of grant applications that may be submitted from the University is limited.  Identify problems or concerns, and report issues and recommendations to FacEx.  Policy located in Policy Library, Institutional Endorsement of Proposals when Submissions are Limited by External Funding Agency: Institutional Endorsement 

Specific Charges

  1. Conduct three-year review of the GRF in spring 2019. The FSRC should pay particular attention to the entities’ different eligibility requirements for the competition (some entities accept applications from tenured or tenure-track faculty only while at least one other entity accepts applications from lecturers) in determining the degree to which entities are making effective use of the GRF. Reevaluate the allocation method for the GRF (see analysis in FSRC FY17 Final Report).
  2. Evaluate the execution of the University’s Restricted Research Policy (Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations, Article IX) in handling requests for exceptions.

Final Reports and Outcomes

Review of the General Research Fund FY18 (pdf)

Faculty Research FY2019