Faculty Research FY2014

Committee Details:

Committee: Faculty Research
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2014
Fiscal Year: 2014


  • Chair: Celka Straughn, Spencer Museum of Art (2014)
  • Michael Williams, Journalism (2014)
  • Catherine Preston, Film and Media Studies (2015)
  • Rick Miller, Kansas Geological Survey, (2014)
  • Derek D. Reed, Applied Behavioral Science (2015)
  • Jeffrey Krise, Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2015)
  • Dean Williams, Bureau of Child Research, (2015)
  • Larry Hoyle, Institute for Policy & Social Research, (2015)
  • Barbara Phipps, Curriculum & Teaching, (2015)
  • Dan Spencer, Business (2016)
  • Belinda Sturm, Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering (2016)
  • Mahbub, Rashid, Architecture, Design & Planning (2016)
  • Steve Warren, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Ex-officio: Rodolfo Torres, Associate Vice Chancellor, KUCR
  • TBD, Graduate Student Representative,


Standing Charges

  1. Monitor the administration of the General Research Fund (GRF) and make recommendations, as needed, to ensure its effectiveness and appropriate utilization. Report to FacEx concerning actions taken with respect to this charge by 03/05/14. 
  2. Monitor the execution of the University‚Äôs Restricted Research Policy (Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations, Article IX) in handling requests for exceptions. 
  3. Serve as the body to hear faculty appeals of research rejected by the restricted research committee or by the Vice Provost for Research, as specified in the Restricted Research Policy.
  4. Monitor the implementation of policies and procedures for determining which proposals will go forward in cases where the number of grant applications that may be submitted from the University is limited.  Identify problems or concerns, and report issues and recommendations to FacEx.
  5. Continue working with the ACEC (Academic Computing and Electronic Communications) Committee to process needs for and issues with computing and telecommunications for research, including recommendations for sustainable policies and procedures and monitoring ongoing and new developments in IT. Report issues and recommendations to FacEx as needed.

Specific Charges

  1. With regard to Standing Charge 4, explore ways to accomplish initial reviews electronically since getting a face-to-face committee meeting takes time and these cases are often rushed.  Report issues, findings, and/or recommendations to FacEx.
  2. Continue to consider issues related to the use of Academic Analytics for external evaluations of the University and internal research evaluations for departments, programs, and faculty; the applicability of AA metrics to diverse disciplines; and the flexibility or possibility to incorporate other qualitative and quantitative metrics (such as the PRO/Digital Measures system) into AA method of analysis.  Examine how metrics from AA and PRO are being determined and used, and if these are well adapted to different disciplines and types of research activity.  Explore how these metrics are impacting faculty research, research opportunities and the understanding of faculty research profiles.  Report issues, findings, and/or recommendations to FacEx.
  3. In coordination with ACEC, RGS, and KU Libraries, investigate issues of research data (collection, analysis, storage, curation, etc.).  Report issues, findings, and/or recommendations to FacEx.
  4.  Drawing upon the FY13 Research Committee Report, and in coordination with RGS, review and possibly reassess the total allocation system and structure of GRF awards.  Report issues, findings, and/or recommendations to FacEx.

Meeting Minutes

Faculty Research Meeting Minutes - Oct. 9, 2013 (pdf)

Final Reports and Outcomes

Faculty Research Final Report FY2014 (pdf)

Faculty Research FY2014