Faculty Compensation FY2017

Committee Details:

Committee: Faculty Compensation
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2017
Fiscal Year: 2017


  • Co-Chair Robert Schwaller, History, (2019)
  • Co-Chair Sara Wilson, Mechanical Engineering (2017)
  • Arlene Barry, Curriculum & Teaching (2017)        
  • Susan King, HSES, (2018)
  • Hossein Saiedian, Engineering, (2019)
  • Margaret Marco, Music, (2019)
  • Ex-officio member, Mary Lee Hummert, Vice Provost, Faculty Development


Standing Charges

  1. Continue to monitor the level and distribution of faculty salaries to identify issues and concerns.  Report issues, problems, and recommendations to FacEx (ongoing).
  2. Continue the cooperative communication between the Chairs of the Planning and Resources and Faculty Compensation committees to facilitate coordination on issues of mutual concern.  Report issues and recommendations to FacEx (ongoing).

Specific Charges

  1. Continue to work with OIRP to obtain quantitative analysis of salary compression in libraries. 
  2. Continue to work with OIRP to obtain quantitative analysis of faculty salaries and library faculty salaries for each school or discipline within KU.  Compare individual school and discipline data with peer institutions and provide a report.
  3. Review standing charges and recommend whether there are issues of faculty compensation other than salaries that could be examined by this committee (such as benefits or resources).

Final Reports and Outcomes

Faculty Compensation Final Report FY2017 (pdf)

Faculty Compensation FY2017