Faculty Compensation FY2016

Faculty Compensation FY2016


Faculty Compensation


Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate


This committee monitors issues and develop proposals surrounding the levels and distribution of faculty salaries, services and other benefits, communicates with faculty and administration concerning personnel policies affecting faculty, and coordinates with the Planning and Resources Committee concerning faculty compensation and the budgetary processes.

Membership: members of the Faculty appointed for staggered three-year terms and an ex-officio representative from the Office of the Provost.


Susan King, HSES, (2018)
Robert Schwaller, History, (2018)
Arlene Barry, Curriculum & Teaching (2017)
Sara Wilson, Mechanical Engineering (2017)    
John Keating, Economics (2016)
Jorge Perez, Spanish & Portuguese (2016)
Ex-officio member, Mary Lee Hummer, Vice Provost, Faculty Development


Approved by FacEx: June 2, 2015
Approved by Faculty Senate: September 10, 2015

  • For further information or to schedule a meeting with FacEx  to discuss charges or the committee’s work, contact FacEx Chair Tom Beisecker at south40@ku.edu.
  • Minutes of each meeting should be e-mailed to the Governance Office (govern@ku.edu) as they are approved.  The minutes will be posted to the Governance web site.
  • If the committee is recommending a change to university policy or rules, FacEx must officially receive that recommendation by March 22, 2016 in order to meet timeline requirements for full review by Governance.
  • Please send a report of the committee’s actions on each of the charges, as well as any recommendations the committee wishes to make concerning charges or membership for the following academic year, to University Governance, at govern@ku.edu, and submit the final report by April 15, 2016.


Standing charges:

  1. Continue to monitor the level and distribution of faculty salaries to identify issues and concerns.  Report issues, problems, and recommendations to FacEx (ongoing).
  2. Continue the cooperative communication between the Chairs of the Planning and Resources and Faculty Compensation committees to facilitate coordination on issues of mutual concern.  Report issues and recommendations to FacEx (ongoing).

Specific charges:

  1. Review KU furlough policies and any implementation plans that may arise in the coming fiscal year.  Make report and, if necessary, recommendations to FacEx by Dec.1, 2015.
  2. Continue to work with the Office of the Provost to implement an expanded tuition assistance policy.
  3. Continue to monitor the intellectual property issues and faculty compensation provided to support the development and offering of online courses.
  4. Continue to work with OIRP to obtain quantitative analysis of faculty salary compression by school and libraries.  
  5. Report to FacEx by December 1. 2015.