FacEx Meeting Minutes September 4, 2018

FacEx Meeting Minutes September 4, 2018





Room 33 Strong Hall


Fall 2018


(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)

  1. Approval of Minutes from May 24, 2018
  2. Report of Faculty Senate President Kirk McClure
  3. Report of University Senate President Ruben Flores
  4. Review Technical Changes to FSRR regarding Senior Vice Provost forAcademic Affairs
  5. Review amendment to FSRR, regarding date to notify faculty member of non-reappointment.
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. New Business


Approved: September 18, 2018

Members Present: Kirk McClure, Ruben Flores, Shawn Alexander, Suzanne Valdez, Megan Green, Nancy Jo Kepple, Cambrey Nguyen

Excused: Hossein Saiedian

Kirk McClure, FacEx chair opened the meeting with introductions.  There were two UDK reporters present, Nicole Asbury and Lara Korte.

Agenda Item I.  Minutes from May 24, 2018, approved.

Agenda Item II. Report from the Faculty Senate President, Kirk McClure

The Budget cut has taken up a majority of the time and will be brought up under new business.  Two other issues have come up:

•    The IP Policy is on the agenda for the University Senate, September 6.  The policy has been discussed and reviewed numerous times over the past three years.  

•    There was an incident on campus regarding a public art display of a depiction of an American Flag.  After receiving threats to faculty, staff and students, the Chancellor relocated the exhibit to the Spencer Museum. McClure sent the chancellor a statement regarding KU as a Defender of Free Speech.  The Chancellor did reply and stated that the display was moved based on threats received.  

Alexander explained why he was opposed to the taking down of the art display.  There is a concern that if we do have threats on this campus, and the University cannot adequately deal with these threats, then the Chancellor needs to take action.  

Agenda Item III. Report of University Senate President Ruben Flores

The first University Senate meeting for the year is September 6, 2018.  The Provost will be speaking for about twenty minutes.  Which includes a ten minute question and answer period.  Flores agreed that the budget cuts have taken up most of everyone’s time.

Agenda Item IV.  Review Technical Changes to FSRR regarding Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

McClure explained that this was a technical change, removing Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and changing it to Provost.  Greene made a motion to approved, Kepple seconded the motion.  The motion passed, with one abstention. 

Agenda Item V.  Review amendment to FSRR, (Pre-tenure matters) regarding the date to notify faculty members of non-reappointment

McClure explained that a faculty member must be notified of non-reappointment (not a negative review of promotion or tenure) by March 15th.  April 30th is the last day the Faculty Rights Board may forward their recommendation to the Chancellor.  These dates were agreed on by Provost Vitter and the Faculty Rights Board chair in 2011 but were not added to the FSRR.  The only place they are found is in a letter from Provost Vitter. 

    An amendment to FSRR to include these dates is requested.  Alexander noted that the short time does put pressure on the CLAS, but he agrees that the dates need to be included in the FSRR.  Alexander made a motion to approve, Greene seconded.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Agenda Item VI. Unfinished Business


Agenda Item VII. New Business 


McClure reported that he had emailed FacEx during the summer regarding asking the Chancellor to review three possible options for budget cuts.

  1. The costs of the Central District should not be borne by the faculty or staff
  2. Realignment of the relationship between KU and Kansas Athletics Inc.
  3. Reconfigure the aircraft of the University

McClure sent an email to all faculty.    The email was held back by the Public Affairs Office.  McClure asked the Provost to review the denial.  The Provost made sure the memo went to all faculty.  As of Tuesday, September 4, McClure had received 100 emails, all positive.  McClure wrote back to each person, asking them to participate in the budget open sessions.  McClure noted he is expecting a statement regarding the aircraft to be announced in the next few weeks. 

    McClure also reported that he and Flores met with the Chancellor, Provost, KU Endowment President, Dale Seuferling, and Brian White, General Counsel.  The Provost commented that he did not see how any of McClure’s suggestions would work.

McClure would like to see a 3% contribution from KAI and an increase in KUEA’s contribution.  McClure wants the administration to look at ways to refinance the central district.  If we refinanced the bonds from 20 years to 30 years, the university would save 3 million dollars.  Yes, we would spend more on interest, and be indebted for longer, but faculty, staff, and students did not make the decision to create the central district.  

    Kepple noted that we needed a new strategy.

Flores reported that the administration has mentioned that an action regarding the KU airplane is going to be made in a few weeks.  One of the three items on McClure’s letter may be taken care of, and we should acknowledge this. 

McClure stated that he understood that both the Provost and Chancellor have taken budget cuts more than 10%.  Once that is confirmed, and action is made regarding the airplane, McClure will respond to the administration. 

Alexander noted that we still have not seen their budgets. 

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the status of the current budget, how the decision was made that we needed to cut the budget.  There were never any other possible avenues regarding budget cuts discussed.  There is also a concern of how the administration views shared governance. The administration listens to governance, but governance has not been involved in the decision making.  FacEx discussed what the next step is, how do we address our concerns.     

Greene mentioned the impact of the budget cuts on education.  She gave the example of the Voluntary Separation (Retirement) Incentive Program for Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty.  If faculty use VSIP and retire, and you can only hire lecturers to replace them, how does this affect accreditation with the various schools and programs?   

Action: McClure requested that FacEx members email him with suggestions on what FacEx’s next step should be. 

Motion to close the meeting to discuss appointments.

Motion to end closed meeting and go into an open meeting.

Motion to end the meeting.