Restricted Research FY2023

Committee Details:

Committee: Restricted Research
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2023
Fiscal Year: 2023


  • Haiying Long, Psychology & Research in Education, Faculty, 2025 (Chair)
  • Laird Forrest, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty, 2025
  • Russell Ostermann, Engineering, Faculty, 2025
  • Nancy Jo Kepple, Social Welfare, Faculty, 2025
  • Dan Dixon, Molecular Biosciences, Faculty, 2023
  • Jide Wintoki, Business, Faculty, 2024
  • Vice Chancellor for Research or designee, Ex-officio
  • Chair of Faculty Senate Research or designee, Ex-officio


Standing Charges

  1. Pursuant to the university’s restricted research policy (FSRR Article IX), review and, if appropriate under that policy, approve proposals for exceptions to the university policy against engaging in research that is subject to restrictions on the transparency of data or the dissemination of results.
  2. Publish each of the Committee’s recommendations in a notice to the Faculty Senate Research Committee in a timely manner. The notice shall include:
    1. Title of project;
    2. Name of principal investigator or project director;
    3. Source or sources of funds for support of project;
    4. Action by the Restricted Research Committee as to approval or
    5. If approved, a short statement of justification for the proposed research in terms of the purposes of the University and in the light of the criteria for approval as listed in FSRR Article IX. Section 4. D.; If disapproved, a short statement of the reasons for rejection.
  3. Make an annual report to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, listing each restrictive grant or contract considered during the year, to include references to all information identified in FSRR Article IX. Section 4.C. 2.

Restricted Research FY2023