International Affairs FY2020

Committee Details:

Committee: International Affairs
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2020
Fiscal Year: 2020


  • Chair: Peter Ukpokodu, African/African American Studies (2021)
  • Faculty: Virginia Harper Ho, Law (2021)
  • Faculty: Kwangok Song, C&T (2022)
  • Faculty: Whitney Baker, Libraries (2022)
  • Staff: Billie Archer (2021)
  • Staff: Aramis Watson (2022)
  • Voting, Student: Humberto Salinas Gomez
  • Voting, Student: Jessy Ayestas
  • Ex-officio: Charlie Bankart, Associate Vice Provost, International Programs


Standing Charges

  1. Develop contact with the leadership of International Student Association and organizations and international student senators.
  2. Continue to review and as needed make recommendations on how the University may better accommodate access of International Student’s to supportive services. 
  3. As needed review and provide input on new policies that relate to international research and teaching.
  4. As needed review and provide input on new policies that relate to international studies, research, and teaching, received

Specific Charges

  1. Review the committee recommendations from the FY2019 Final Report regarding Graduate Studies Admissions Policy.  Meet with Graduate Studies regarding the recommendations, to determine if they are feasible.
  2. Determine international student retention rate over the past three years.  Compare retention rates of direct recruitment international students with Shorelight international students.   
  3. Request an update from the KUIA units, focusing on an assessment of the effectiveness of the new structure and responsibilities and on possible further improvements/changes.

Meeting Minutes

IA Meeting Minutes - Sept. 27, 2019 (pdf)

Final Reports and Outcomes

IA Final Report FY2020 (pdf)

International Affairs FY2020