Faculty Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities FY2023

Committee Details:

Committee: Faculty Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2023
Fiscal Year: 2023


  • Kevin McCannon, Sociology, Faculty, 2024 (Chair)
  • Elizabeth  Berghout, Music, Faculty, 2025
  • Betsy Esch, American Studies, Faculty, 2025
  • Eugene Parker, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Faculty, 2025
  • Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Libraries, Faculty, 2023
  • Robert Schwaller, History, Faculty, 2023
  • Scott Whisenant, Business, Faculty, 2024


Standing Charges

  1. Monitor the implementation of university policies related to the rights and responsibilities of the faculty, including the following general areas (1) appointments, promotions, granting of tenure, and non-reappointments; (2) merit evaluations, rewards and sabbatical leaves; (3) protection of the faculty’s right to privacy; and (4) intellectual property. Review all current policy statements regarding these matters to ensure that they are adequate, appropriate, and readily available to all faculty members. Report issues, problems, and recommendations to FacEx. (ongoing)
  2. Respond to inquiries and address issues regarding faculty rights, privileges, and responsibilities (as they arise).
  3. Communicate with representatives of the AAUP regarding their concerns relating to faculty rights, privileges, and responsibilities.  Report issues, problems, and recommendations to FacEx. (ongoing)

Specific Charges

  1. Be prepared to review recommendations from Ad-Hoc Committee that is reviewing and suggesting revisions to the Procedures of the Faculty Rights Board for Hearing Cases Involving Dismissal of a Tenured Faculty Member.
  2. Continue to monitor and contribute to discussions concerning the discontinuance of programs, making sure that the process follows procedures laid out in policies and adheres to the rules for shared governance.
  3. Review USRR revised draft Absent Policy.
  4. Work with CTE and Vice Provost Chris Brown, to develop procedures that ensure the confidentiality of instructor personnel records are not compromised by the use of online student evaluations.
  5. Explore policies that govern faculty plagiarism of colleagues’ syllabi and other teaching materials.  This is inspired by an inquiry from a colleague who found information in USRR Section 6 regarding plagiarism and use of materials without attribution, but nothing pertaining specifically to syllabi.
  6. Explore policies that govern student sharing of faculty teaching materials without permission.
  7. Assist FacEx and SPPT with the proposal made in Spring 2022 by Chris Brown, VP for Faculty Development, to develop guidelines for including and accounting for work in the areas of service, DEIB initiatives, community-engaged scholarship, and entrepreneurship in the promotion and tenure process.
  8. Work with the Ad Hoc group on Non-Tenure Track Faculty, to determine policies that will facilitate and expedite the following goals:
    1. Convert NTTF single-year contracts to multi-year appointments (such as the Teaching Professor track).
    2. Mandate that units provide a minimum of 3 months’ advance notice to NTTF re: (non)renewal of contracts.

Meeting Minutes

FRPR Meeting Minutes - Oct. 20, 2022
FRPR Meeting Minutes - Dec. 20, 2022
FRPR Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2023

Final Reports and Outcomes

FRPR Final Report FY2023 (pdf)

Faculty Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities FY2023