Faculty Rights Board FY2024

Committee Details:

Committee: Faculty Rights Board
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2024


  • Chair: Michael Hoeflich, Law / JD Degree, Faculty, Voting, 2024
  • Mugur Geana, FacEx Rep., Faculty, Voting, 2024
  • Roberta Schwartz, Music, Faculty, Voting, 2024
  • Joe Harrington, English, CLAS / AAUP Rep., Faculty, Voting, 2024
  • Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Math, CLAS, Faculty, Voting, 2024


Standing Charges

  1. Hear promptly all concerns and claims brought to the attention of the committee by members of the faculty regarding faculty rights, including promotion, tenure, non-reappointment, dismissal and academic freedom, pursuant to Article XIII, Section 3 of the University Senate Code and Article VI of the FSRR.  Report issues or problems of concern to governance to FacEx, with due regard for the confidentiality of individual cases (ongoing).

Specific Charges

  1. Be prepared to review recommendations from the Ad-Hoc Committee reviewing the Procedures of the Faculty Rights Board for Hearing Appeals involving Administrative Action of Dismissal of a Tenured Faculty Member (if it should continue to meet), along with any recommendations from FRPR.   
  2. Re-examine the procedures and rules for bringing appeals of P & T decisions and making recommendations for changes, especially because the current procedures and FSRR set forth very restrictive grounds for appeals, have a very compressed period for filing them, and provide no standard of evidence.

Faculty Rights Board FY2024