Academic Policies and Procedures FY2021

Committee Details:

Committee: Academic Policy and Procedures
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2021
Fiscal Year: 2021


  • Chair: Karen Moeller, Pharmacy Practice (2021)
  • Faculty: Antha Spreckelmeyer, Humanities (2022)
  • Faculty: Alison Gabriele, Linguistics (2022) (
  • Faculty: Michael Eckersley, Design (2023) (
  • Faculty: Joe Walden, Business (2023) (
  • Staff: Ashleigh Wilson, Assistant Director, Student Housing
  • Staff: Sarah Wilson Merriman, Student Access Center (2023) (
  • Voting, Student: Derek Dunn
  • Voting, Student: Grant Daily
  • Voting, Graduate Student: Suman Rath
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Jason O’Connor, Business, Undergraduate Advising Executive Committee (
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Tiffany Robinson, University Registrar designee (
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Karen Ledom, Director of Student Academic Services in the CLAS (
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Amber Roberts Graham, Graduate Studies (


Standing Charges

  1. Be prepared to respond to SenEx requests for reviews of academic policy issues. (ongoing)
  2. Monitor proposals for academic program restructuring and discontinuance, hold hearings, and follow other procedures in accordance with Article VIII of the University Senate Rules and Regulations. Report issues or recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)
  3. Consider input from Student Senate on desired changes to academic policies. (ongoing)

Specific Charges

  1. Consider additions to USRR 2.1 to address student absences from classes.  Review changes proposed by FY20 SenEx in attached document.
  2. Review the Grade Replacement policy.  Consider Wichita State’s policy (see attachment), and specifically changing the cap on 299 classes and D/F grade limitation. 
  3. Evaluate the current emergency action plan for academic policies and suggest direction for future emergencies.

AP&P Additional Charge

Discontinue the MA/PHD in Botany and the MA/PHD in Entomology (see attached)

AP&P Additional Charge - January 10, 2020

Consider additions to USRR 2.1 to address student absences from classes.


Currently the USRR addresses student absences from final and regularly scheduled examinations for medical crisis and unforeseen life events.  Student Senate along with the University and Faculty Senate Presidents have requested considering these additional guidelines for excused absences from regularly scheduled classes, including for medical crisis, service in a U.S. Armed Service or National Guard, unforeseen life events, and participation in University Approved Activities. 

For your review:

  • Draft amendments USRR 2.1.5 – 2.1.10
  • Comments and Observations from General Counsel, Mike Leitch
  • Questions from the SenEx discussion on December 10, 2019
  • Policies of Peer Institutions

Final Reports and Outcomes

AP&P Final Report FY2021 (pdf)

Academic Policies and Procedures FY2021