Academic Policies and Procedures FY2020

Committee Details:

Committee: Academic Policy and Procedures
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2020
Fiscal Year: 2020


  • Karen Moeller, Pharmacy Practice (2021
  • Faculty: Antha Spreckelmeyer, Humanities (2022)
  • Faculty: Alison Gabrielle, Linguistics (2022)
  • Faculty: Martin Nedbal, Music (2020)
  • Faculty: Joe Walden, Business (2020)
  • Staff: Emily Gullickson (2022)
  • Staff: Matt Deakyne, IT (2020)
  • Voting, Student: Zach Thomason
  • Voting, Student: Luis Chavez
  • Voting, Graduate Student: Jenn Robinson
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Jason O’Connor, Business, Undergraduate Advising Executive Committ
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Tiffany Robinson, University Registrar designee
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Karen Ledom, Director of Student Academic Services in the CLAS
  • Ex-officio, non-voting: Amber Roberts Graham, Graduate Studies


Standing Charges

  1. Be prepared to respond to SenEx requests for reviews of academic policy issues. (ongoing)
  2. Monitor proposals for academic program restructuring and discontinuance, hold hearings, and follow other procedures in accordance with Article VIII of the University Senate Rules and Regulations. Report issues or recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)
  3. Consider input from Student Senate on desired changes to academic policies. (ongoing)
  4. FY2021 Committee – Review the University of Kansas’ Financial Exigency policy found in USRR, Art VII.  (See Governance Office for information.)  It was last reviewed by AP&P in FY16 and they did not suggest any changes at that time.  USRR 7.5.1 states that “Every five years after the official acceptance of this document by the Chancellor, it shall be reviewed by the University administration and by AP&P.  Either group may then suggest revisions to the document.”   Any changes to the policy would ultimately go to the University Senate for a vote. 

Specific Charges

Additional charge, Oct 22, 2019

In the Spring of 2006, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee recommended to the University Senate a new mechanism for granting exemptions from university wide academic policies.  The chancellor approved the amendments to USRR Article II. Section 2.9 of the University Senate Rules and Regulations.  This provides a student (or in some cases a person on behalf of a student) to petition for an exemption based on exceptional circumstances.   The administration and faculty both felt the decision to approve or deny an exception of academic policies belonged under the jurisdiction of the faculty.  FacEx formed a sub-committee to review the requests.  The process has been refined and changed in the last few years, but an overall review and evaluation of the process has not taken place.  Keeping in mind that each school and the CLAS have the right to review and approve or deny requests as they apply to their unique areas of study, FacEx has requested the to AP&P:

  1. Review and Evaluate the current FacEx Petition Process:    

    Possibilities to consider include:

  1. Discontinue FacEx sub-committee final approval, allowing Deans (or their designee) to approve, (still using a form), provide guidelines on how the process would work.
  2. Bypass FacEx sub-committee for specific forms of appeals (i.e. swap sections within current semester, medical withdrawal with documentation, awarding retroactive degrees,) providing guidelines on how the process would work.

Meeting Minutes

AP&P Meeting Minutes - Nov. 25, 2020 (pdf)

Final Reports and Outcomes

AP&P Final Report FY2020 (pdf)

Academic Policies and Procedures FY2020