Academic Policies and Procedures FY2013

Committee Details:

Committee: Academic Policy and Procedures
Committee Category: Standing Committees of the University Senate
Fiscal Year: FY2013
Fiscal Year: 2013


  • Chair: Estela Gavosto, Mathematics, (2015)
  • Anthony Walton, Geology, (2015)
  • Jennifer Heller, Humanities & Western Civilization (2014)
  • Suman Mallik, Business, (2014)
  • Mark Reaney, Theatre (2014)
  • John Poggio, Psych & Research in Education Faculty (2014)
  • Antha Cotten-Spreckelmeyer, Humanities & Western Civ (2015)
  • Drew Harger, Student, Vice Chair
  • MacKenzie Oatman, Student
  • Pat Reuter,, Student
  • Larry Fillian, Director CLAS, Unclassified Staff (2015)
  • Therese Thonus, Writing Center, Unclassified Staff (2014)
  • Hollyce Morris, Undergraduate Studies, University Support Staff (2015)
  • Jason O’Connor, Business, representative of Provost’s Advising Leadership Team (Ex-officio, non-voting)
  • University Registrar representative, Brian McDow (Ex-officio, non-voting


Standing Charges

  1. Be prepared to respond to SenEx requests for reviews of academic-policy issues. (ongoing)
  2. Monitor proposals for academic program restructuring and discontinuance, hold hearings, and follow other procedures in accordance with Article VIII of the University Senate Rules and Regulations. Report issues or recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)
  3. Seek input from Student Senate on desired changes to academic policies. (ongoing)

Specific Charges

  1. Recommend an amendment to the withdrawal policy in USRR 2.2.5 that would prevent students charged with academic misconduct from withdrawing.  Currently, USRR states that “Neither the instructor nor the College or School is entitled to withhold approval of the withdrawal.”  Report to SenEx by 10/30/2012. 

    Background: Several schools have complained that students charged with academic misconduct have turned around and withdrawn from the class.  Although not in writing, the practice has been that the dean has the right to request that a student charged with academic misconduct be “administratively re-enrolled” in the course pending the outcome of the academic misconduct charge.

  2. Consider whether any of the policies in FSRR Articles III-V would be more appropriately placed with the academic policies in the University Senate Rules and Regulations.  Examples of policies to consider might include: FSRR 3.4 (English Proficiency Tests for International Students), FSRR Art. 4, 1 (Resident and Non-Resident Study), FSRR 5.1 (Definition of Academic Work), FSRR 5.4 (Regulation of Enrollment Procedures, including the “add policy” in FSRR 5.4.4), and FSRR 5.5 (Auditing & Visitation of Classes).
  3. Begin the process of recommending links among the Policy Library, USRR and FSRR. In consultation with the Policy Office. (Added February 2013) Background: At the January 29, 2013 SenEx meeting the chair of AP&P reported on specific charge #2. The committee felt that pulling polices out of their current home documents could create unintended consequences. Amy Smith suggested that the committee provide a list of items that could be linked to specific documents within the policy library.

Final Reports and Outcomes

AP&P Final Report FY2013 (pdf)

Academic Policies and Procedures FY2013