CODE Amendment: International Affairs Committee Membership (21-day Review)

To: KU Faculty, Staff, and Students

From: Josh Arpin, University Senate President-Elect

Re: Review of Amendment to the University Senate Code

EDIT: A precious version of this message was sent on April 2nd and contained an outdated title for the Senior Internationalization Officer of International Affairs. See the correction below.

In accordance with the University Senate Code 1.8.3, I am forwarding for 21-day review an amendment to the University Code, Article X Section 2 that the University Senate voted on March 28, 2024.  The amendment was approved by the University Senate.  An explanation of the amendment follows.

The proposed change provides equal representation of faculty, staff, and students on the committee. The rationale is that this will enable the committee to have a greater perspective from staff and students and better address the charges which affect the various groups. The reorganization of the International Affairs Committee ensures equity in representation and is in line with the recent reorganization of the University Senate.

Proposed changes to the University Senate Code:

Article X. Standing Committees of the University Senate

Specific changes:

We are changing the number of staff representatives to four. Student representation will change to four, with the attempt to distribute representation evenly among undergraduate, graduate, domestic and international students. Faculty representation remains unchanged at four.

Article X. Standing Committees of the University Senate

Section 2. Membership

The Committee on International Affairs shall be composed of four faculty members serving staggered three-year terms, two four representatives from the staff serving staggered three-year terms, and two four student members serving one-year terms. Student appointments should attempt to distribute representation evenly among undergraduate, graduate, domestic, and international students, provided interest. andthe following ex-officio, non-voting member The Senior Internationalization Officer, International Affairs, or designee shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting member. Either a faculty member or staff member may be appointed as chair.

The University Senate discussed the amendment and had a vote on March 28, 2024. 

Please note that it is a requirement that proposed changes to the Code be sent to all faculty, staff, and students, but no action is required on your part unless you wish to submit a written comment. Please send your written comments on the proposed amendment to the University Governance Office ( by noon on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Please contact the University Governance Office,, if you have any questions about this amendment.

Thank you,

Josh Arpin, University Senate President-Elect