Calendar Committee FY2016

Calendar Committee FY2016


Calendar Committee


Standing Committees of the University Senate


Calendar: This committee is responsible for developing the university’s 5-year calendar, informing the university community about and monitoring compliance with rules concerning the scheduling of examinations and other matters, and considering or developing proposals concerning changes to the calendar.

The Calendar Committee shall be composed of the University Registrar, four faculty members serving staggered three-year terms, two representatives from the staff serving staggered three-year terms, and four student members serving one-year terms. The Registrar at KUMC and the Director of International Student and Scholar Services shall serve as ex-officio, nonvoting members.


Chair: Albert Sheu, Mathematics (2017)
Faculty: Michael Engel, EEB, Faculty (2018)
Faculty: Edward Peltier, CEAE, (2016)
Faculty: Sanjay Mishra, Business, (2016)
Staff: Ramia Whitecotton, Geography (2018)
Staff: Shima McCurdy, Parking & Transit, (2017)
Registrars Office: Brian McDow, Associate Registrar,
Student & Vice Chair: Morgan Twibell,,
Student: Erin Gaines,,
Student: Cindy Nguyen,
Student: Jacey Bishop,,
Ex-officio (not voting):
Registrar KUMC: Marla Herron, Registrar,
Charles Olcese, Director ISSS -


Approved by SenEx: May 27, 2015
Approved by University Senate: September 10, 2015

  • For further information or to schedule a meeting with SenEx to discuss charges or the committee’s work, contact SenEx Chair Michael Williams
  • Minutes of each meeting should be e-mailed to the Governance Office ( as they are approved.  The minutes will be posted to the Governance web site.
  • If the committee is recommending a change to university policy or rules, SenEx must officially receive that recommendation by March 29, 2016 in order to meet timeline requirements for full review by Governance.
  • Please send a report of the committee’s actions on each of the charges, as well as any recommendations the committee wishes to make concerning charges or membership for the following academic year, to University Governance, at, and submit the final report by April 15, 2016.

Standing charges:

  1. Monitor compliance with University Senate Rules and Regulations 1.3.2 concerning final examinations, including: (a) ensuring that adequate arrangements are made each semester to inform students and faculty through the Schedule of Classes about the regulations governing final examinations, and the appropriate procedures to be followed if questions arise about the application of the regulations; (b) informing the teaching faculty and GTAs, via an e-mail from the chair, one week before the beginning of each semester (in August and January) of these regulations and their rationale; and (c) considering requests for exceptions, as provided in the regulations. Report actions taken on these matters to SenEx. (ongoing)
  2. Monitor compliance with University Senate Rules and Regulations 1.4.2 concerning the scheduling of examinations outside of regular class hours. Following the committee’s established procedures, approve or disapprove applications for tests other than final examinations to be held at times other than regular class hours. Report actions taken on these matters to SenEx.
  3. Update the five-year calendar report to SenEx by January 15, 2016