University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Cost Savings and Efficiency Enhancement


University Senate


Ad Hoc Committee on Cost Savings and Efficiency Enhancement


To save resources while enhancing or minimally impacting the Teaching, Research and Service functions and long-term viability of KU.


Members are elected by their individual senates.  Chair will be elected by the committee.

Chair: Faculty: Susan Twombly, Ed Leadership & Policy Studies
Faculty: Mohamed El-Hodiri, Economics
Staff: Anna Paradis, Engineering
Staff: David Day, KU IT<
Students: John Rebein
Student: Hanna Hayden


Approved: SenEx, September 27, 2016

Students, Faculty and Staff representing a wide variety of departments and disciplines across campus.

  1. Construct a survey mechanism to poll faculty, staff, students and alumni for cost-saving ideas. (Make such a mechanism anonymous, but with an option to self-identify, come and describe opportunity to committee.)
  2. Collect surveys;
  3. Examine budgets, commission studies as necessary;
  4. Identify how the need for cost savings (i.e. budget cuts) has been addressed in the last few years
  5. Decide on priorities for the future;
  6. Enlist expert help from within KU for cost savings and impact analysis;
  7. Make recommendations publicly to the Administration.

Final Report:

Cost Savings Final Report (PDF)

Cost Savings Suggestions from Student Senate (PDF)

Adhoc Cost Savings Suggestions from Staff Senate (PDF)