Ad Hoc Committee on Social Media Policy FY2015

Committee Details:

Committee: Ad Hoc Committee on Social Media Policy
Committee Category: Ad Hoc Committees
Fiscal Year: 2015

Committee Description


Lawrence Campus

Jonathan Mayhew, president, University Senate and professor, Spanish and Portuguese, committee co-chair

Marta Caminero-Santangelo, acting vice provost for faculty development

Chuck Epp, professor, public affairs and administration

Nancy Kinnersley, associate professor, electrical engineering and computer science

Easan Selvan, unclassified professional staff representative, chief of staff and director of strategic communication, office of the CIO

Cindy Sexton, university support staff representative, administrative associate, psychology

Steven Sylvester, graduate student representative, political science

Medical Center

David Naylor, assistant professor, internal medicine and outgoing chair, Faculty Assembly, committee co-chair

Robert Klein, vice chancellor for academic affairs

Mark Fischer, professor, biochemistry and molecular biology

Edward Nelson, unclassified professional staff representative, School of Nursing

Captain Kurt Reinhardt, university support staff representative, Public Safety

Zach Krumsick, medical student

Aroop Pal, member of Information Technology Subcommittee to FASC, School of Medicine

Debora Daniels, clinical associate professor, hearing and speech

Ad Hoc Committee on Social Media Policy FY2015