Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Partner Benefits FY2014

Committee Details:

Committee: Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Partner Benefits
Committee Category: Ad Hoc Committees
Fiscal Year: 2014


Chair, Professor Margaret Severson, Social Welfare
Celka Straughn, Spencer Museum of Art
Natalie Parker, Institute for Policy and Social Research
Peggy Robinson, FS Zone Maintenance
Emma Halling, Student



  1. The committee should update the findings of the 2009 study on expansion of domestic partner benefits.  In doing so, it should reflect both changes that have been made at KU and in larger society since the production of that report.  Changes should include the expansion of bereavement benefits, Supreme Court rejection of key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Affordable Care Act, etc.
  2. Determine if there is evidence that domestic partnership benefits could affect KU’s competitiveness in recruitment and rates of retention of faculty and staff, giving particular attention to matters of diversity and equity.
  3. Identify the necessary steps that the University of Kansas would need to follow to adopt domestic partnership benefits for employees of the University.
    1. Note the sources of authority for any changes in benefits policy that might be recommended, e.g., changes in statute, Regents’ policy, or KU policy.
    2. Note how KU’s peer institutions have implemented domestic partnership benefits.
    3. Examine the feasibility of recognizing legal marriages and partnerships from other states that are not currently recognized in Kansas.
    4. Report plan and recommendation for action to SenEx by March 1, 2014.

Final Reports and Outcomes

Final Report of the Domestic Partner Benefits March 2015 (PDF)

Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Partner Benefits FY2014