Academic Computing and Electronic Communications FY2022

Academic Computing and Electronic Communications FY2022


Academic Computing and Electronic Communications


Standing Committees of the University Senate



Chair: Faculty: Phillip Wedge, English (2022)

Faculty: Zsolt Talata, Mathematics (2023)

Faculty: Andi Back, Libraries (2024)

Faculty: Hong Vu, Journalism (2022)

Faculty: Jila Niknejad, Mathematics (2024)

Staff: Scott Cossel, Libraries (2023)

Staff: Adam Mansfeild, Lega Aid for Students (2022) 

Voting, Student: 

Voting, Graduate Student: 

Ex-officio: Mary Walsh, IT Services

     David Day, IT (Visitor) 

    Jeff Chasen, Associate Vice Provost, Compliance



Approved by SenEx: June 3, 2021
Approved by University Senate: September 9, 2021

Academic Computing and Electronic Communications (ACEC): This committee works with administrative personnel and other governance bodies to support and improve the academic computing and electronic communications environment at KU and to develop policy concerning information security, intellectual property rights, and other matters relating to information technology.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with SenEx to discuss charges or the committee’s work, contact SenEx Chair Hossein Saiedian,

  • Minutes of each meeting should be e-mailed to the Governance Office ( as they are approved.  The minutes will be posted to the Governance web site.
  • If the committee is recommending a change to university policy or rules, please contact the University Governance Office, at
  • Please send a report of the committee’s actions on each of the charges, as well as any recommendations the committee wishes to make concerning charges or membership for the following academic year, to University Governance, at, and submit the final report by April 29, 2022.


FY2022 Standing charges:

  1. Monitor current and proposed policy concerning security of information, intellectual property rights and responsibilities, and other matters relating to information technology. Identify issues for which policy should be developed or revised. Report issues and any recommendations for action to SenEx. (ongoing)

FY2022 Specific charges:

  1. Review progress and timeline of the move from Blackboard to Canvas.  Prepare a report that include comments from the early instructors already using Canvas.   What has their experience been thus far.
  2.  Seek inclusion of the ACEC Committee in the IT Governance. Working towards being involved before decisions are made.
  3. Continue follow up on Libraries policy on Excessive Downloading in the following ways:
  • Identify additional opportunities for communicating the policy when new hires come through the onboarding process and by providing annual reminders University-wide.
  • Identify additional useful metrics for understanding frequency of triggering activities from other sources.
  • IT and Libraries working committee take this issue under consideration, and as IT policies on this matter are reviewed involve ACEC in revision process.
  • Contact the Libraries Committee Chair to consider how/if the Libraries Committee can be involved and provide an annual update.