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University Senate 12/01/2016

University Senate
December 1, 2016 - 3:30pm
Green Hall-Room 203
  1. Approval of Minutes from November 3, 2016
  1. Standing Reports
    1. University Senate President Joe Harrington
    2. Faculty Senate President Pam Keller
    3. Student Senate President Gabby Naylor
    4. Staff Senate President Liz Phillips
  1. Tribute to Nancy Kinnersley
  1. Academic Calendar
  1. Campus Carry Resolution
  1. Multicultural Student Government Proposal
  1. Unfinished Business
  1. New Business




December 1, 2016 – 3:30 p.m. – 203 Green Hall

Approved February 9, 2017

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty Joe Harrington, Pam Keller, Cecile Accilien, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Ben Chappell, Kelly Chong, Jonathan Clark, Chris Elles, Pam Fine, Ruben Flores, Jane Gibson, Sandra Gray, Megan Greene, Lynn Hancock, Elspeth Healey, Kissan Joseph, Jason Matejkowski, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Paul Outka, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Edward Peltier, Tom Prisinzano, Lance Rake, Angela Rathmel, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Suzanne Shontz, Geraldo Sousa, Bill Staples; Students Gabby Naylor, Alexandra Erwin, Dylan Jones, Zoya Khan, Jacob Murray, Nobus Oghenekaro, Brittney Oleniacz, Victoria Snitsar, Adam Steinhilber, Sophie Wang; Staff, Liz Phillips, Michael Chavez, Keah Cunningham, David Day, Abby Ehling, Charlotte Goodman, Emily Gullickson, Connie Jordan, Lorne Jordan, Brian Moss, Anna Paradis, Peggy Robinson

ABSENTFaculty, Mary Banwart, Tom Beisecker (excused), Naima Boussofara (excused), Christopher Fischer, Lisa Friis (excused), Elizabeth MacGonagle, Margaret Marco (excused), Meagan Patterson (excused), Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm; Students, Chancellor Adams, Loic Njiakan, Sophia Templin; Staff, Deb Deering

ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little; Mary Lee Hummert, Vice Provost for Faculty Development; Michael Wade Smith, Executive Director of Marketing and Advancement; Stephonn Alcorn, Student Body President; Chance Maginness, Student; Sara Shepherd, LJ World; Lara Korte, University Daily Kansan

President Joe Harrington called the meeting to order and announced that the meeting was being recorded. 

MINUTES for November 3, 2016 were approved.


University Senate President

Harrington asked senate to look at the report from the Ad Hoc Policy Library Review Committee that was sent with the agenda, regarding their work of going through the Policy Library to see what merits study by the senate.  He reported that SenEx spoke with several relevant administrators about the new Enroll & Pay login that had a blanket disclaimer regarding business transactions which concerned University Senate members who were entering the site to conduct university business.  Karen Bailey, Assistant Comptroller, Student Account Services, has changed the login which now begins “For students”.  Harrington said he hasn’t had any word regarding the Chancellor’s search but he has sent information about Governance presidents and vice-presidents to be considered for membership on the committee.  As charged by University Senate, SenEx looked at the possibility of extending Fall break to a full week.  After looking at the 2013 Calendar Committee report SenEx believed that the sense of the committee was that the issue was complex and affected several calendars.  SenEx concluded that at this time there is no taste for revisiting the subject but that doesn’t prevent charging the Calendar Committee to look into Fall Break in the future.

Faculty Senate President

Reporting on the last KBOR meeting, Keller said that retired Kroger CEO David Dillon was chosen to head the Chancellor search and that KBOR has hired the firm of R. William Funk and Associates as the search consultant; they also announced it would be a closed search.  She reiterated Harrington’s report that KU asked that Governance be included in the search, adding that that seems to be in the works and the indication is that the committee will be announced in December.  The KBOR Governance committee has completed its review of all the weapons policies; they suggested some changes for Wichita State but no changes were indicated for KU.  President Zoe Newton commented that she appreciated the robust debate about the issue that had occurred during the KBOR Governance Committee meeting earlier that day.  The policies will be forwarded to the full board in December.  A campus carry resolution mirroring the SenEx resolution was approved by FacEx and will be presented at today’s Faculty Senate meeting.  Ron Barrett-Gonzalez asked if there had been any discussion about areas of disproportionate threat.  Keller replied that there were some exceptions but she is waiting to see the final policy to see specific exceptions; her impression was that KBOR is not reading the policies very broadly.  The Chancellor added that while she thinks KU can have restrictions they would have to be explained and a formal review would be required.   

Student Senate President

Gabby Naylor announced that this is Outreach Week and the Diversity Forum talked about their progress so far and plans for the rest of the year.  Student Senate passed three resolutions declaring solidarity with undocumented students: 1) targeted the University; 2) was directed to the state legislature; 3) was that the city of Lawrence become a sanctuary city.  She reported that she and other members of the executive staff had attended a Big 12 meeting in West Virginia and decided that for their Big 12 Day on the Hill next semester they would advocate with others schools for college affordability, mental health, and sexual assault programs, focusing on diversity in all those subjects.

Staff Senate President

Liz Phillips reported that Staff Senate is working with HR on staff evaluation and grievance policies because when the two staff senates merged it became apparent that there were not good evaluation and grievance processes for Unclassified Professional Staff.  Staff Senate is also looking at tuition assistance.  Some other Kansas universities which have broader assistance policies--some which include dependents--requested reciprocal tuition assistance at KU; however KU doesn’t have dependent tuition assistance.  She added that current tuition assistance at KU may be reduced and it looks like summer assistance will be eliminated.  There have been discussions with HR about a Day of Service in which employees could have time off to volunteer.  She thanked Harrington and Keller for getting the staff professional development fund reinstated.


Harrington read a tribute to Nancy Kinnersley a past president and senator of Faculty and University Senate who died last spring.  He recounted her days of service and read a tribute from current FRB Chair Jan Sheldon.   

Nancy was devoted to the University.  I was fortunate to serve on several committees with her.  She gave tirelessly to service and was always willing to accept responsibility for a new challenge.  Nancy had strong opinions but was incredibly thoughtful in her analysis of issues.  She was dedicated to improving the University for faculty, students, and staff.  Although she will be dearly missed, her indomitable spirit will remain with us.

Governance Leader: University Senate President/SenEx Chair 2014; Faculty Senate President/FacEx Chair 2009; Executive Committee (SenEx/FacEx) - 2005, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014

University/Faculty Senate – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Governance Committees: Faculty Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities, 2005, 2006, (Chair), 2007, 2008, 2015 and 2016; Faculty Rights Board-2013; Organization and Administration 2003, 2004; Academic Procedures and Policies: Chaired 2010, 2011, 2012

Joe Harrington/Ron Barrett-Gonzalez moved to place the tribute acknowledging the work of the late senate leader Nancy Kinnersley in the minutes.  Passed.

ACADEMIC CALENDAR (document after minutes)

Harrington presented the FY2022 Academic Calendar created by the Calendar Committee for Senate approval, and eventual KBOR approval, explaining that University Senate approves a new year of the Academic Calendar every year.  Observing that Spring Break is earlier starting with the 2018 calendar, Chris Elles asked if the committee coordinated with the local school district.  Kathy Reed said that practice has been that the school district coordinated with KU who coordinates with KBOR and the other regent schools.  University Senate approved the FY2022 Academic Calendar.

CAMPUS CARRY RESOLUTION (document after minutes)

Harrington read the campus carry resolution forwarded by SenEx for Senate approval.  It was pointed out that for consistency “es” should be added to “campus” in the fourth paragraph.  Barrett-Gonzales questioned whether University Senate can speak for the Medical School and if the document should just say “Lawrence”; the Chancellor explained that the Lawrence campus includes Edwards so it would still be all right to say “campuses” whether the Medical School was included or not.  Senate discussed whether the Medical School should be included; Keller said she would check with the Medical School.  Joseph asked if a published rather than a working paper could be cited; the Chancellor informed that the study has since been published and Harrington said we would substitute the published paper for the working paper.  Senate voted to accept the concealed carry resolution.  



Sophie Wang withdrew the proposal for an ad hoc committee to explore the feasibility of including MSG in University Senate which MSG presented at the last meeting.  Amalia Monroe-Gulick/Barrett-Gonzalez moved to establish the University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within University Governance.   Harrington read the motion. (available at the end of the minutes).  Monroe-Gulick explained that the ad hoc committee was approved by FacEx as the result of recommendations by the University’s DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Committee.  A motion was made to enter into a committee of the whole to discuss the motion.  Moved/Seconded.  Passed.

Former University senator Chance Maginness objected that while equitability is important the proposal adversely affects the autonomy of the Student Senate and sets a disastrous precedent.  Geraldo Sousa agreed.  Student Body President Stephonn Alcorn also agreed and added that since the DEI Committee report in April Student Senate has been shaping a government of cooperation, working every day to look at how to make Student Senate more equitable.  Wang commended Student Senate’s effort but stressed the need for review since while this senate is doing important work this has not always been the case and added that the proposal should be looked at as something encouraging not something to be feared.   Responding to Maginness’ suggestion that it would be more appropriate for Student Senate to form an ad hoc committee instead, Wang pointed out that Student Senate doesn’t necessarily represent all students.  Brittney Oleniacz added that the committee would provide an outside look at how representation can improve.  Keller pointed out that any committee recommendations would be voted on by all of University Senate.  Nobus Oghenekaro asked whether changes approved by University Senate had to be accepted by Student Senate.  Harrington replied that it depends on which section of the University Senate Code was amended since some sections are amended by University Senate and some by Student Senate.      

Ruben Flores/Brittney Oleniacz moved to adjourn committee as a whole.  Passed. 

Commenting that the problem goes beyond students Ron Barrett-Gonzalez/Seconded moved to add “examine methods to increase diversity among all ranks and units across KU” at the end of the first paragraph after “represent”.  Oleniacz disagreed with the amendment noting that this committee had very specific charges and suggested the amendment could be included in another committee; Keller said Faculty Senate was going to discuss other recommendations in the DEI report, which included collaborating with efforts of others on campus.  The motion failed.

Feeling that Student Senate had been blindsided by the proposed and that more time was needed to hear from their constituency Adam Steinhilber/Dylan Jones moved to table voting on the ad hoc committee motion until the next University Senate meeting on February 9.  Wang objected that tabling shortens the amount of time the committee has to work; Angela Rathmel commented that she appreciated the timeline but expressed frustrations that senate had not had a chance to see the proposal before the meeting.  Alcorn noted that Student Senate is currently looking at elections.  Monroe-Gulick pointed out that the committee itself isn’t changing anything and that Senate needs to vote now.  Noting that the DEI recommendations were referenced in the discussion last month, Keller disagreed that the proposal was a surprise.  She urged that University Senate not postpone the vote, adding that students will be able to put forth all the work they have already done.  Brittney Oleniacz/Gabby Naylor moved to call to question (vote on tabling the ad hoc committee vote).  Passed. 

The motion to table the vote on establishing the University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within University Governance failed. 

Amalia Monroe-Gulick/Barrett-Gonzalez’ motion to establish the University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within University Governance passed with 30 Ayes and 12 Nays.




Referencing the Policy Library Review Committee report which had been sent with the meeting’s agenda (at the end of the minutes), Clark said he wanted confirmation that the committee was proceeding in the right direction and asked if Senate had any objections with the committee presenting policies to University Senate for review.  No objections were raised.      

School of Engineering Rejection of IP Policy and Pre-Invention Assignment Agreement (document at the end of the minutes)

Barrett-Gonzalez asked that it be entered into the minutes that the School of Engineering had voted unanimously to repudiate and reject the IP Policy’s current practices of binding faculty to what they considered an inappropriate agreement and that they considered the IP employee agreement a violation of FSRR 6.1.2.

Oleniacz expressed concerns regarding weapons on field trips and asked if the issue could be brought to the weapons committee.  Keller agreed.

Noting that senate often runs out of time Jonathan Clark/Barrett-Gonzalez moved to begin the University Senate meeting at 3:00 instead of 3:30.  Rathmel asked if that would create a problem with the room schedule.  Staples suggested capping the meeting times, allotting University Senate the time from 3:00 to 4:00 and Faculty Senate 4:00 to 5:00.  Harrington pointed out that that would require an agenda with time limits.  Responding to the suggestion that the Senates meet on difference days, Keller pointed out that that would require faculty to come twice as often.  It was agreed that the question be looked at by SenEx; Clark withdrew the motion. 

The meeting adjourned at 4:57.

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman



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