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Faculty Senate - 10/08/15

Faculty Senate
October 8, 2015 - 3:30pm
Green Hall-Room 203

I.          Approval of minutes from September 10, 2015

II.        Report of Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker

III.       Proposed Amendment to Faculty Senate Code Art II, Sec. 2 (Election)

IV.       Proposed Amendment to Faculty Senate Code Art II, Sec. 4 (Secretary)

V.        Proposed Amendment to Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations FSRR 1.1.1. (Post-Tenure Review, PTR)

VI.       Old Business

VII.      New Business


October 8, 2015 – 4:00 p.m. – 203 Green Hall

Approved December 3, 2015

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Beisecker, Mike Williams, Mary Banwart, Philip Baringer, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Jim Carothers, Kelly Chong, Jonathan Clark, Chris Elles, Pam Fine, Andrea Greenhoot, Lynn Hancock, Majid Hannoum, Joe Harrington, Pamela Keller, Paul Laird, Weishi Liu, Jason Matejkowski, Jonathan Mayhew, Mario Medina, Steve Padget, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Meagan Patterson, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Geraldo Sousa, Bill Staples, Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm, Susan Williams

ABSENTFaculty Jay Childers, Charles Epp (excused), Christopher Fischer, Lisa Friis, Sandra Gray (excused), Kissan Joseph, Amalia Monroe-Gulick (excused), Angela Rathmel, Barbara Timmerman (excused), Lisa Wolf-Wendel (excused)

ALSO PRESENT:  Provost Jeffrey Vitter; Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Amy Smith, Policy Office;

Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker called the meeting to order.

MINUTES for 9/10/2015 were approved.


Tom Beisecker added a few comments to amplify his earlier report to University Senate.  He said that the Administration’s response to the Faculty Code has been returned.  FacEx sent the revisions to FRPR requesting they respond to FacEx by November 1.  He hopes to have information for Faculty Senate to discuss by the December Senate meeting.  Beisecker recommended not distributing the document until after FRPR responds in order to avoid confusion but it is available if anyone wants it.  Maureen or Kathy can be contacted for a copy.

The Ad Hoc Post Tenure Review Committee has submitted an interim report.  FacEx is pleased with their progress.

Regarding the last KBOR meeting Beisecker emphasized KBOR’s wish that, despite differences of opinion, there be a consonant voice coming from Kansas institutions and constituencies regarding the gun policy.


University Senate Code Amendments:

Article II, Section 2 (Election)

Rationale: With the use of electronic email voting University Governance no longer uses the February 1, and February 15th as the date for a call for nominations.   


Article II Faculty Senate: Structure and Functions

Section 2 Faculty Senate Members: Nomination, Election, Term of Office and Vacancies

Nomination forms for Faculty Senate membership shall be issued to faculty members by the Office of University Governance each year on or before February 1.   The call for nominations shall be accompanied by a list of the present Faculty Senate members whose terms of service are to continue and a list of those ineligible for nomination. The nomination forms must be returned to the Office of University Governance by February 15 March 15. At each election there shall be at least twice as many nominees as there are Faculty Senate positions to be filled and there shall be at least two nominations from the College, from each school, and from the Libraries when a member from them must be elected to the Senate. If the nominations are insufficient in number or inadequate to meet the representation requirements of Section 1 of this Article, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall make the additional nominations that are necessary for an adequate ballot. The Office of University Governance shall, by February 20 March 25, notify each nominee of his/her nomination and ascertain willingness to serve.


Article II, Section 4 (Secretary)

Rationale: When the University and Faculty Senate consisted of all members of the Faculty, the term “secretary” referred to responsibilities of the Governance Office.  When University and Faculty Senate reorganized in 2005-2006, changes were made that reflected more appropriately the duties assigned to the Office of University Governance, rather than the secretary.  At that time an addition change was made which provided for a parliamentarian for the University Senate Executive Committee (SenEx) and University Senate but not for the Faculty Executive Committee (FacEx) and Faculty Senate.  This change would provide for a parliamentarian for Faculty Senate. 


Article II Faculty Senate: Structure and Functions

Section 4 Election of Officers


    The secretary of the Faculty Senate shall be elected by and among the members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and shall serve as parliamentarian of all meetings of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Faculty Senate.  This is a one-year term...”


Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations Amendment:

FSRR 1.1.1. (Post-Tenure Review, PTR)

              Rationale: The Governance Office currently reviews the policy library to insure that each school, division, department has posted their grievance procedures (USRR 5.2.1), bylaws, statements of organization, promotions, tenure recommendations and faculty evaluations in the policy library.  Emails are sent by the Governance Office confirming that the information in the policy library is current.  If this information is not posted the office contacts the dean of the school or the department chair.  When FSRR 7.4, regarding faculty evaluations (which included post-tenure review) was added, FSRR 1.1.1. was not updated.

…(5) personnel practices, to include faculty and unclassified staff appointments, promotions, tenure recommendations, evaluations, post-tenure review and selection of departmental chairperson(s)…


Beisecker explained the reasons for the three amendments. 

Due to using electronic rather than paper ballots nominations and elections have been done in March for several years, therefore the amendment would have the University Senate Code reflect current practices. 

Although the University Senate Code states that a Secretary be elected to Faculty Senate this hasn’t been done in several years.  Beisecker suggested a return to electing a secretary and to have the position provide Faculty Senate with a Parliamentarian. 

The term “Post Tenure Review” was not included in FSRR 1.1.1 because the PTR policy didn’t exist when FSRR 1.1.1 was written.  The amendment would correct this.

Discussion on the proposed amendments followed.  Carothers said he would vote against having a secretary as parliamentarian.  Governance now does what the secretary once did and with this amendment parliamentarian would be the only duty of the Secretary.  He added that finding a parliamentarian in the past didn’t always work well.  Jonathan Mayhew felt he would be more comfortable voting for the change if it were clear what other duties the Secretary would have.  Beisecker said the Secretary could verify the minutes taken by Maureen.

Ron Barrett-Gonzales felt that the nomination date should remain February 1 since it would give faculty more time to talk to other faculty about the possibility of serving.  Clark agreed with Barrett-Gonzalez that if the February date is retained it would allow time for a departmental faculty meeting which might assist in finding faculty to serve.  Joe Harrington asked Governance how the February date might impact them.  Kathy Reed felt it would make it more difficult to get responses since faculty is just returning from break.  Harrington suggested a compromise of February 15.  Barrett-Gonzalez suggested February 1 with a later reminder.

Motion to vote at today’s meeting instead of waiting until the next Faculty Senate meeting.  Carother/Mayhew.  Motion passed 21 to 7.


Motion to accept all amendments with the exception of retaining the February 1 nomination date in Article II, Section 2 (Election).  Barrett-Gonzalez/Sousa.  Passed.






Barrett-Gonzales pointed out that a temporary member should be named to replace Sandra Gray who is on leave this semester.  Beisecker explained that the procedure is that the person with the next highest votes for the FacEx and Faculty Senate positions would be the temporary replacements.  He had the next highest votes on FacEx and for this semester will move from an ex officio to voting member of FacEx.  Kathy will contact the faculty member with the next highest votes in the Faculty/University Senate elections to ask if he wants to serve.


No further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03.

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman

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