SenEx Minutes September 14, 2021

University Senate Executive Committee Minutes – SenEx September 14, 2021
Approved: September 28, 2021


Approval of minutes from August 31, 2021 – approved by acclamation.

Standing Reports

  1. Staff Senate President Tim Spencer
    No update from last week at the University Senate meeting.   


  1. Student Senate Vice President Ethan Roark

Student Senate did appoint students to the AP&P Committee and the Judicial Board.

Two of the SenEx undergraduate students have resigned.  An election will take place to appoint two new members.
The SSRR is in the process of being updated.

It has been a busy week, and we have been told that numerous reporters and other groups plan to show up at the meeting on Wednesday. 



Is there anything Senex could do, to help? SenEx is aware that a lot is going on, and they want to be supportive. 


I would like to thank everyone for the support you have offered throughout this time.  We have seen the emails of support coming from all the faculty Senate.  Emails that supported the student body president.

This is an interesting time on campus.  We need to be coming together and being kind to each other.  This is the best way to support us.    



Have the Chancellor or the Provost been in touch to offer support for Niya? 


We have been primarily in contact with Dr. Durham, Vice Provost for Student Affairs.  In terms of like upper administration support, we really haven't received any sort of internal communication.


  1. Faculty Senate President

KBOR has their first meeting of the year this Wednesday and Thursday.   Lequesne will be sitting in the Academic Affairs Committee.  The COFSP will also be attending breakfast with the Regents on Thursday morning. Lequesne also plans to ask the regents about their views and motivations for having a workload policy at the university level and faculty and staff compensation.


  1. University Senate President Hossein Saiedian

It is important to reach out to the students in any way possible to express support for them. It is disturbing that the fraternity house has twice been placed on probation. I'm sure many students, faculty and staff are concerned.

The vandalism that took place is also disturbing. There was a statement from the administration condemning the vandalism, and hopefully there will be a statement about the sexual assault coming up very soon.

We have a new Chief of Police, Nelson Moseley.

Program Discontinuance, there is a list published online.



I just wanted to say that it was shared with me before this meeting, essentially the victims, name and the name of the person who allegedly assaulted the person had been shared through social media. We are asking when you see this behavior happening, like we should try to curb that and make sure that folks aren't sharing that information.   Moving forward we need to respect the victim's privacy in this and making sure that she can have peace of mind related to this, just make sure that people who are spreading this stop. 


Unfinished business:

Spencer reported that Staff Senate will be asking the Provost for an update on the Spouse and Dependent Tuition Policy. 


New business:

The chair of AP&P has requested an extension on the timeline to conduct hearings for active programs (see email at end of minutes).


Chambers made a motion to approve the request.


Lequesne add some context to the request:

The rules state that the public hearing, have to occur during the fifth and sixth weeks of the fall term.  Which is next Monday, the 20th. They've had both difficulty scheduling their first meeting, which is this Friday. And second, they have 14 programs, which is outrageous to try to manage in two weeks.

This request does two things, it pushed the hearing dates back, and allows the AP&P committee more time to organize the hearings, dates, and times.  It extends the period from two weeks to three weeks to allow them to manage 14 separate public hearings. This is what they are asking SenEx to approve.


Hall seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by acclamation.


                             SenEx moved to a closed session.


Dear SenEx,  

I am writing to request an extension on the timeline to conduct hearings for active program discontinuance.  Per USRR 8.2, the time for programs to submit their request to the Provost is by the end of the third academic week in the fall semester (September 10, 2021).  Hearings must occur the fifth and sixth-week academic week (September 20-October 1) with a one-week public notice.  Additionally, recommendations must be submitted to University Senate and the Provost by the end of the 10th week (October 29, 2021).   


The Academic Policy and Procedure committee (AP&P) has received requests from 14 areas with 38 academic programs to review.  Due to scheduling problems, our first meeting is scheduled for September 17.  At this time, the committee will discuss and establish hearing procedures.   The last time hearings were conducted at the University was in the 1992-1993 school year. 

Due to a large number of requests for active program discontinuance and scheduling problems, I am requesting the following extension: 

  • Hearings to be conducted from September 27 – October 15, 2021 
  • Recommendations to University Senate and Provost by November 5, 2021 


Thank you for your time and consideration,  

Karen E. Moeller, PharmD, BCPP 

Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice 

Chair Academic Policy and Procedure Committee.