SenEx Minutes March 22, 2022

University Senate Executive Committee – SenEx March 22, 2022.
Approved: April 5, 2022



Present: Hossein Saiedian, Nate Brunsell, Teri Chambers, Nick Syrett, Corey Maley, Rémy Lequesne, Hollie Hall, Ani Kokobobo, Jessica Chilcoat, Alessia Roark, Patricia Gaston


Also Present: Kathy Reed, Tessa Maclean, Simon Atkinson, Kim Warren, Alyssa Wingo, Jeff Chasen



Approval of minutes from March 1, 2022.

Motion made by Chambers, seconded by Brunsell.
Approved unanimously.



Standing Reports

  • Student Senate Vice President Alessia Roark – see below
  • Staff Senate President Tim Spencer – No update since last report
  • Faculty Senate President – see below
  • Heard from several Asian American faculty who are very concerned from the Asian and Asian-American Faculty and Staff Council
  • There is a trial this week, we will see what comes of that
  • University Senate President Hossein Saiedian
  • David Cook is busy with transitioning with his job, he offered a stand-in, but we didn’t think it was a good use of their and our time until his replacement is hired.




Amendment to USRR – Sexual Assault (attached) -see below

  • Kokobobo spoke to GC, Ombuds, and Title IX office, then made some revisions


A motion to approve and move to the University Senate made by Syrett, seconded by Chambers. No discussion, passed unanimously.



Unfinished Business

Statement regarding plagiarism and administrative positions-Tim Spencer/Jessica Chilcoat

  • Tim had a short phone convocation with Jeff Chasen and Julie Thornton (HRM Director, attends Staff Senate meetings).

    • Interim status

      • They can be removed if needed like normal, Interim role usually ends under its own weight… there is an end date provided when they take the role. It can be extended, chancellor creates exceptions to those rules, policies, and dates.
  • Plagiarism for staff in administrative roles
    • It is covered in the conduct policy, although it isn’t explicitly referenced.



Motion to table made by Kokobobo, seconded by Chilcoat. No objections, approved unanimously.





New Business

    • There are some staff that do need to come to campus, but some non-weather essential staff are being required to work which creates inequality amongst staff



I support that, I know people that are remote, or hybrid being asked to take their computer home, to have double standards is the problem (not allowed to work from home, but then expected to work from home).


Comment Chilcoat:

It is important for this policy to be equitable. When we spoke to the Provost she noted that some people will always be unhappy with the application of the policy. Staff Senate is asking for an all or nothing type of policy. Spring Break isn’t something we have heard from staff, although we are pushing for the week between Christmas and New Year’s (paid time off).


Comment Hall:

Alessia and I also brought this up to the Provost the Friday before Spring Break




Most staff are in state, and people who are working remotely are still impacted by inclement weather.

I think we should separate the Spring Break issue from the Inclement Weather issue.



We are strongly encouraged to take time off.  I agree about not doing Spring Break, that could impact staff that don’t ’t have enough leave.


There was agreement that the issues should be kept separate.



How do we change this?



The chancellor owns it, the piece about remote workers was tacked on without going through the usual channels due to the pandemic.

After much discussion, it was decided that this group would look at the policy, suggest edits, then send to University Senate tackle the weather policy.


Chilcoat, Kokobobo, Lequesne, Saiedian, & Hall will look at it.




Simon Atkinson and Kim Warren – Co-chairs for the search for CLAS Dean search

Listening Session/ preparing job description

  • Want to meet with (and hear from) University Senate members to hear, just unsure when to make it happen
  • Want to hear from different constituent groups
  • Met with the recruitment firm
  • We want to know what priorities you as a group have for us




Are these listening sessions happening with chairs and directors too?



Yes, they are happening with a variety of people.




Will there be listening for general faculty from the College?


Reply Warren: We want to arrange it so certain people come, but the meetings won’t be exclusive to just those people.



Should we have a town hall? First week of April, maybe on an off week? I will double check with Kathy on scheduling.




  • Priority is for someone we hope will stay
  • Someone who has proven results
  • Retainment is an issue; they would need to have a plan for keeping students
  • Really strong communication within and out of the dean’s office and to community
  • Need to do a better job at articulating the value of liberal arts and fundraising


What other ideas?



I would add, someone who no matter their discipline training, know how the other ones work. How much depends on who applies? Do you feel confident in the firm’s ability to find the right person?



I am confident that they are as good as any search firm, but it needs to be a team effort. The right person would have thorough understanding of how multiple disciplines work.



Jayhawks rising website had a page that defined an active researcher, is this how you would define an active researcher?



No, it doesn’t reflect my definition. A dean of the college will have to have a comprehensive understanding of research.



Communication is important. We have issues with pay equity and morel, they need to be delt with on their own, but also in regard to communication, they need a strategic plan.



Getting the great stuff [about KU] out is key. Our downfall is not getting our story out there. We can’t keep doing the same thing, we need an out of the box thinker.



Yes, the recruitment people brought up a similar issue.



It’s important to consider how they would support staff, and the deans, chairs, and directors.



I’d like to hear about the structural discussion. We seen a change in associate deans responsibilities, how will this play out under the new dean?



There is no plan to split up the College.

The Provost view is that Karl’s organizational model makes the deanship unrealistic. It’s too much for one person, the divisional dean model will continue.

These divisional deans would have areas they are responsible for, but finances would be the dean.

John Colombo has had them meet regularly, and this worked well.



For the title, is it Executive Dean, Dean, or VP Dean?



It is going to be Executive Dean. it’s a different scope than the other Dean roles and it will help with recruitment, it’s closer to what it is (a step up for many deans of other places).



Will they be academic?



Yes, most definitely.



Representation is important for recruitment (of other faculty). We would like to meet with candidates how would April 14th at 3 pm work for a Town Hall type meeting? Will these sessions be used to adjust the job description?



The job description will be adjusted based on the listening session.



We will check back in with you regarding April 14th.



Saiedian thanked Kim Warren and Simon Atkinson.



Meeting adjourned.






Cycle Eleven (11) Joint Officer Report

Policy Director

I am working on completing the declaration/establishment of a special committee to address student employee concerns in KU Student Housing with Niya and Ethan. I finished writing up the charges of the committee last week but I am looking for input with deciding what membership and committee leadership would look like. It seems that this issue is bigger than I originally thought so I am looking for Senators, committee members, and other interested people for help and input with this. Again, this would simply be a way for student employees to voice their concerns and give testimonies about their experiences and for Student Senate to collect them and report on them.


Graduate President

  • GSAB met Monday and with the Provost today 3/9, we discussed graduate student issues and the UDK resolution as well as Jayhawks Rising
  • Attended University Senate on 3/3 and advocated for better shared governance - the resolution went to the Chancellor and Provost and was well received and a task force will be implemented
  • Worked on the resolution with Humberto concerning Ukraine and the wider impacts on us here at KU and the world.
  • Met with the Womens Leadership Board on 3/4 and we got together the final details for the leadership conference on 3/31.
  • Met with the libraries to make sure the common book can get given to graduate students not just undergraduates for this coming fall
  • Attend EOF deliberation hearings on 2/24.




Internal Affairs Director

  • Mentorship program has started
  • Exploring new ways and options to get students more involved
  • Brainstorming ideas to help with quorum issues.


Vice President

  1. Updates from University Senate and SenEx on 01 & 03 March, respectively:

    1. The University Senate Resolution to Restore Shared Governance at KU was passed by the University Senate.
    2. The University Senate Rules & Regulation Amendment to expand the applicability of compassionate withdrawal for KU Students was passed by the University Senate. Once again, shoutout to Senator Baxter for co-authoring that legislation!
  2. Updates from Niya, Hollie, and I’s Meeting with Provost Bichelmeyer. Some of the items discussed were:
    1. The role of the DEIB Office at KU and the struggles students have following the Provost’s DEIB Plan when the website has had little to no updates from 2018 onward.
    2. Campus Fee and it’s role at KU as a critical support for student services and university enrollment numbers.
      1. We discussed the fact that some fees had to become a shared responsibility of both the University and the Student body.
      2. We discussed student utilization of student services on campus and the justifications for maintaining a campus fee while Regents continue to seek lowered costs.
    3. We thanked the Provost for her commitment to supporting the Higher Education Administration Program at KU. By providing a free 3-credit hour course for all students in the program, she is not only supporting one of the best higher ed admin. programs in the country… but creating some equitable access to the program for students.
      1. We also discussed the impact this has on other Graduate Assistants and whether or not they would be included in the program. Jen Roberts, VP for Grad. Studies and Barb said that as it stands now, it is just allocated for higher ed students. However, they are looking for funding avenues to expand the program.
      2. Graduate Assistant Wage Equity was discussed as well, following CFO Jeff Dewitt’s proposal which advocated for a very slow rate of pay growth for Grad. Assistants at KU.
  3. I unconventionally chaired the beginning and one other part of the Student Rights & Affairs Council this past Wednesday. I would like to remind the Student Council Exec. Members of each Council to check in with each other on attendance in the future to ensure that Student Council meetings start in a timely fashion and as close to the posted time as possible.
  4. I organized a Special Session of the Students Assembly on the 03 March 2022 at the request of our Student Body President. Unfortunately we did not reach our quorum of 33. Thus, the legislation on that meeting’s agend was moved to the Cycle Eleven (11) Students Assembly Meeting Agenda.
  5.  We met with Dr. Durham on Friday to discuss some items related to the functions and business of the Student Senate:
    1. A progress update was given on the Campus Fee Package and the way in which it will be presented in Students Assembly.
    2. We discussed the Presidential Endowment Account as well and the status of current requests.
  6. Barbara Ballard from the Dole Institute reached out to inquire about hosting a Student Senate Meeting at the Institute. I have emailed her regarding our Students Assembly meeting schedule and will update you if any Students Assembly or other Senate meeting is planned within the next month or so.
  7. Niya and I have orientated our new cabinet member, Riley Stowers, to the Public Relations Director position and are excited to have her confirmed as a member of the staff this evening!
  8. I introduced legislation to expand the speaking rights allocated to all students in meetings of the Students Assembly, as well as our Student Senate Advisors!


Social Justice Director

Still spending 99% of my time working on the DEI Retreat. I presented to DEI Fund for funding last week and will be in cycle 12 as general funding. I've emailed DEIB for funding and am applying to Pepsi. Finalizing food trucks and the performer now that funding is mostly solidified.

Also, the chair of the Social Justice Committee stepped down. Temporarily, the council has elected Ari to serve as chair. But Ari has expressed that she would like to have someone who is capable and passionate replace her at some point. So, if you have any interest in chairing, please reach out to us.

Government Relations


Chief of Staff

  • Several pieces of legislation which I have been working on in collaboration with other staff members will be presented tonight. Among them are:
  • A Resolution Condemning Military Intervention of a Foreign State (Written in Collaboration with Hollie Hall, Graduate President)
  • A Bill to Fund the Student Senate Judicial Branch
  • A Bill to Amend the Budget Code


  • Will be meeting up with our new Public Relations Director right after Spring Break to discuss the transition of the Website from the old one to the new one.



  • Our Student Senate Staff Associate, Sabine Jones, has decided to retire in two weeks. We thank her for her time in the KU Student Senate.
  • The Student Senate purchasing responsibilities will now be handled by the Treasurer, SILC Office, and the Shared Service Center.


CCO Executive & Managing Director


  • Have been working on planning Into the Streets Week (a week where each of our 13 programs hosts an event related to the year’s theme). This year, our theme is “Sustainability” so we will have events related to recycling, becoming a more environmentally conscious student, clean eating, and more. Event details will be shared as they come, but students can keep a look out at
  • Send Silence Packing (March 29th) advertising is still underway
  • CCO Executive Staff positions are posted on WE ARE HIRING!!!







Faculty Senate President’s Report to SenEx and the Faculty Senate

Mid-March 2022

The following is a partial list of ongoing issues, with brief status updates on each:

  1. University Senate Resolution to Restore Shared Governance at KU:

    1. The resolution was sent to campus and the Chancellor on March 7. As of March 21, the Governance Office has not received a response from the Chancellor’s Office.
    2. The Governance Office has received considerable positive feedback from staff and faculty who express appreciation for having their concerns voiced and hope that it will prompt change.
  2. Financial Situation a. The Chancellor’s weekly update on March 15 featured CFO DeWitt, who described KU’s financial standing and a 5-year plan to address our structural deficits. I found it informative. A lot of work lies ahead.
  3. Policies and Procedures a.
    1. Policies/Procedures Previously Approved by Faculty/University Senate

      1. Academic workload policy:

        1. Policy has been sent to the Chancellor for approval.
      2. USRR 2.3.3 – Medical or compassionate retroactive withdrawals:
        1. Amendment was sent out for 21-day review.
    2. Faculty Senate Policies/Procedures
      1. FRB Procedures for Dismissal of Tenured faculty:

        1. An update will be provided at the March 24 Faculty Senate meeting.


      1. FSRR 2.5 – KBOR redefinition of a baccalaureate degree (so-called “credit cap”)

        1. On March 11, AP&P approved an amendment of FSRR 2.5 prompted by KBOR’s redefinition of a Baccalaureate degree. The amendment will be reviewed by FacEx and, likely, the Faculty Senate this term.
    1. University Senate Policies/Procedures
      1. USRR 2.1.1 – Excused absence policy:

        1. A revised draft has been sent back to FRPR for review and revision. This amendment will not be considered by the senate this term.
      2. USRR Article VIII – Program discontinuance
        1. No update.
      3.  USRR XX – Accommodations for students impacted by sexual assault
        1. A task group, led by Kokobobo, drafted an amendment that empowers students affected by sexual assault and intimate partner violence to request supportive measures from faculty. The amendment will be reviewed by SenEx and, likely, the University Senate this term.
    2.  Other/Misc.
      1. The role of governance in policy development

        1. No update. I aim to meet with Chief Audit Executive Curran again soon to discuss next steps.
  1. KBOR
    1. AP Cut-scores review

      1. English department chairs at KU and several other Kansas universities agreed unanimously to increase the minimum cut scores for English AP exams based on standards at peer institutions and learning outcome alignment.
      2. Their consensus recommendation constitutes the recommendation of the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents. A final decision will be made by the Council of Chief Academic Officers at an upcoming meeting.
    2.  KBOR General education policy i. No update.
    3.  KBOR Program review
      1. KBOR is hired rpk GROUP to lead a KBOR system review to assess and optimize program offerings, reduce redundancies, and better meet market demands. It is not clear (to me) how this will impact KU.
  2. CLAS Dean Search a. Search Committee co-chairs agreed to meet with SenEx on Tuesday, March 22.
  3. Optional summer pay disbursement for faculty a. No update since I was told that KU will survey faculty involved in the program sometime this year as part of a review of whether to continue this benefit for a second year.
  4.  Email communications from governance leaders a. No update. Given his upcoming change in employment, VC Cook declined to attend the March 22 SenEx meeting.
  5. COVID
    1. No update.
  6. Data analytics on campus
    1. No update
  7. DEIB VP Search
    1. No update.







USRR Article II. Academic Work and Its Evaluation (Amendment to USRR – Sexual Assault)

Section 1. Recorded Evaluation of Student Performance.



2.1.6 Students impacted by sexual assault, intimate partner violence, dating violence, or stalking may request supportive measures for their coursework from faculty. To request these measures, students or appropriate student designees may enlist the assistance of a third party of the student’s choosing (potential third-party entities include, but are not limited to, the Care Coordinator, the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX, or Student Affairs). If the parties cannot come to an agreement, they can reach out to the Ombud's Office to consider their options, including mediation. In addition to providing these supportive measures, instructors are also mandatory reporters.



USRR Article I. Section 3. Final Examination Schedules

1.3.11 Students impacted by sexual assault, intimate partner violence, dating violence, or stalking may be excused from being present for the final examination. The instructor and student shall come to a mutually agreeable method of making up the missed examination. Students or appropriate student designees should initiate discussion with the instructor prior to the examination/test, and they may request assistance for supportive measures from a third party (potential third-party entities include, but are not limited to, the Care Coordinator, the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX, or Student Affairs). In addition to providing these measures, instructors are also mandatory reporters.


USRR Article I. Section 4. Examinations, Quizzes, and tests Other Than Final Examinations 

1.4.8 Students impacted by sexual assault, intimate partner violence, dating violence, or stalking may be excused from being present for scheduled examinations, quizzes, and tests other than final examinations. The instructor and student shall come to a mutually agreeable method of making up the missed examination. Students or appropriate student designees should initiate discussion with the instructor prior to the examination/quiz/test, and they may request assistance for supportive measures from a third party (potential third-party entities include, but are not limited to, the Care Coordinator, the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX, or Student Affairs). In addition to providing these supportive measures, instructors are also mandatory reporters.