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  • SenEx August 28, 2018

SenEx August 28, 2018



August 28, 2018

Provost Conf Room, Kansas Union

Approved: September 11, 2018

Members Present: Kirk McClure, Robert Waller, Hossien Saiedian, Charles Jetty, Ruben Flores, Cambrey Nguyen, Michelle Ginavan-Hayes, Eliza Kassebaum, Emily Gullickson, Nancy Jo Kepple, Megan Greene, Sean Alexander, Zack Thomason, Suzanne Valdez

Absent: Apramay Mishra

Also Present: Kathy Reed, Ellen Slikker, University Governance

Flores called the meeting to order and invited everyone to introduce themselves.



I.             Approval of minutes from May 21, 2018

                Waller moved to approve, Saiedian seconded.  Approved.


II.            Standing Reports

     a. University Senate President Ruben Flores

Flores had little to report but he will give an update on the budget situation during New Business and recap conversations he and McClure have had with the Interim Provost and Chancellor.

Flores commended McClure for his work and added that comments received from McClure’s email to the faculty on 21 August can be read on the Governance webpage and we are still soliciting comments.Saiedian shared that he has also received several emails from faculty members (mainly engineering) supporting McClure’s email.

The first University Senate meeting will be next Thursday.

     b. Faculty Senate President Kirk McClure

McClure will provide more details the budget during New Business.He shared that communication with the Interim Provost’s office has been good, but more difficult with the Chancellor.

     c. Student Senate Vice President Charles Jetty

Jetty gave updates on Student Senate Initiatives:

Emergency funds for students facing short term financial crises ($100-200 grants).They raised $3,700 which was short of what was needed to get an Endowment so they may consolidate it with an existing fund.

Collaboration with Emily Taylor Center on a women in STEM symposium in Spring 2018 or Fall 2019.

Sexual assault reporting platform - the previous Student Senate reached an agreement with Callisto but then their rep was replaced and revised the contract, including a price raise.Student Senate is trying to decide how to proceed.

Free menstrual products on campus - working with Student Affairs to get it done.

Committee appointments for University Senate have been completed.Students are hoping for more of a two-way street between the committees and students this year.Waller asked about how the meeting times are scheduled.Governance helps schedule the meeting and is making student attendance a priority.

Student Senate is doing recruitment and working with MSG.

The Campus Cupboard will be opening very soon in the Kansas Union, look for a ribbon-cutting announcement.Waller said that people will want to know how they can donate.

     d. Staff Senate President Michelle Ginavan Hayes

Staff senate met for diversity trainings over the summer – Social Justice 101 and Micro-aggressions.Ginavan-Hayes and Waller met to make committee appointments and recommendations.

They started a “Staff Senate 101” meeting to review Staff Senate committee charges, expectations, and leadership.They are planning to do this annually.

Ginavan-Hayes and Waller have been meeting monthly with the Interim Provost over the summer.The primary discussion have been about the how to maintain the Staff Fellows project.They’ve been continuing discussions about the Staff Senate proposal for tuition assistance.They also met with the Chancellor last week.


III.           Review of Planning and Resources FY2019 Committee Charges (attached)

We received a request from the chair of the P&R Committee for additional specific charges:

1. Look into the use of course fees

2. Look at the operational costs of all KU’s new buildings (and old) the potential for green energy

The chair also wants to eliminate the original special charges and is of the opinion that the committee has exhausted the work on them.

McClure would agree to remove #2 but he would like them to continue monitoring the use of contractors and consultants, and the Central district.

Greene said that the charges McClure wants to keep are about monitoring and shouldn’t be too much work.Maybe they want to do actual work (the new proposed charges) so we could add the ones they want as a compromise.

Greene moved remove special charge #2, keep #1 and 3 as modified, and to accept the proposed new charges, Kepple seconded.

Vote:  Passed with one abstention (Alexander).


IV.          Technical changes to USRR regarding Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (attached)

The Interim Provost has temporarily eliminated the position of Vice Provost for Academic Affairs so a change is needed in the USRR regarding who is responsible for specific areas.

Greene asked if it was temporary and stated her hesitation to change it totally in hopes that we will get the position back. However, University Governance needs to know what the process is right now.

It’s a technical change.

Waller motioned to accept the change.Jetty seconded.

Vote:  Approved with two abstentions (Alexander, Greene).


VI.          New Business


Flores wanted to give an update and solicit feedback.

On 21 May Flores and McClure were informed by the Interim Provost of the cuts that would be coming.There have been subsequent meetings during the summer.Flores said the Int. Provost has been transparent about the decision-making process.However, Flores does not feel that they have made any impact on his strategy or that they are partners in shared governance.Flores agrees with the proposals from McClure to look to Athletics and Endowment to help lessen the burdens of the cuts.The Int. Provost has changed the timeline for line-item cuts from late summer to early February, likely due to push back from the Deans of the Colleges and Schools.

McClure agrees that the Int. Provost’s numbers are probably correct and a cut is necessary, the issue is how to disperse them.He would like suggestions for ideas on how to get the Int. Provost to prepare alternate budgets (3% and 6%).

Flores said that students will feel this indirectly in the form of tuition raises whereas cuts will be felt directly by faculty and staff.

Waller brought up the Administrative Overhead process, every department on campus is billed 5.5% or 3.5% for overhead.

Athletics currently pays $55,519 per year out of $95 million, 5.5% would be $5.25 million.

Endowment currently pays $0.

Waller suggested using the administrative overhead as the basis for asking for more money to other corporations – Athletics and Endowment.

The Memorial Union, Parking, and Housing already pay the 5.5%.

Keppel said this compliments McClure’s email and is an issue of economic justice on campus.Units already reallocate funds to support other units.There is no argument against this from the administration that looks good.

Flores agreed this would be a good contribution from Governance.

Greene added this is a really good idea because it is an established policy.

Thomason said that without the UDK reporting on the work the faculty and staff have been doing on these cuts, the students would not know about this.Students have been losing privileges (seats) from Athletics while they are making more money.

Alexander agreed this is a very good plan, it gives the Presidents a concrete response.

Gullickson asked what the back-up plan should be if we make this argument and the Interim Provost/Chancellor still do not agree.Flores said we need to both deal with the crisis at hand and think ahead for how we’ll construct future contracts and agreements.

The Interim Provost will be at University Senate next week, please come with your thoughts.

Waller and McClure will work on making a written proposal and for the next SenEx meeting for review to prepare a statement for general distribution.

Alexander would like to test the waters on the faculty side for creation of a union on campus.

Gullickson agreed, we could have a united statement for next week’s meeting on how every group on campus is being affected with a consistent message.Jetty is on board with that strategy, the student executive committee will meet before next Thursday.


 V.           Unfinished Business

Thomason looked into attendance policies at peer institutions.Our AAAC page says that attendance is up to instructors.U of Arkansas has a policy drafted by Faculty Senate.We are behind the curb in protecting students’ health.Flores said he would meet with Thomason to discuss further.


Valdez moved to adjourn, Kepple seconded.

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