Actions FY2011-2015

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  • Approved amendment to USRR 1.3.2, final exam policy. (FY2011)
  • Approved amendments to USRR 2.2.7 (credit/no credit), 2.2.8 (grade replacement, and 2.6.7 (academic misconduct). (FY2011)
  • Approved Hearing Procedures for the Faculty Rights Board. (FY2011)
  • Created Task Force on Tuition Assistance for Employees, Partners, and Dependents (FY2011)
  • Created Task Force on Sabbatical Leaves; received final report of task force. (FY2011)
  • Approved amendments to University Senate Rules 3.2.1 (Honorary Degrees), USRR 6.2.1 3 (grievances), and USRR 2.2.8 (grade replacement in repeated courses.) (FY2011)


  • Updated procedures in Policy Library for dismissal of tenured faculty (FY2012)
  • Approved amendments to the Restricted Research Policy (FSRR Art. IX) (FY2012)
  • Approved amendments to Faculty Senate Rules (FSRR) Art. (re UCPT), FSRR 7.3 (re dismissal of tenured faculty) and FSRR 7.1 (revised Faculty Code of Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct) (FY2012)
  • Created new Task Force on Promotion and Tenure (FY2012)
  • Approved amendments to USRR 2.2 (policy on incomplete work) (FY2012)
  • Approved amendments to Univ Senate Code 13.2 (requiring Parking Commission to hold two public meetings) (FY2012)
  • Approved amendments to USRR 1.3.2 (final exam policy for online classes). (FY2012)
  • Approved amendment to USRR Art. VIII (program discontinuance for inactive academic programs) (FY2012)
  • Approved amendment to Univ Senate Code XIV (Judicial Functions) and USRR V and VI (Conflict Resolution) prompted by federal Office of Civil Rights changes in sexual harassment policies (FY2012)


  • Art. I and II – The amendments clarify that voting in the University Senate and Faculty Senate may take place by a show of hands or by voice vote.  Voting may also take place by private ballot when approved by two-thirds of the present and voting members.  (FY2013)
  • Art. VII – The amendment allows the non-voting, ex-officio representative of the Unclassified Senate or the Support Staff Senate on the University Senate Executive Committee to vote if the voting member is absent.   (FY2013)
  • Art. XII – The amendments add a fourth student to the University Senate Athletic Committee; the additional student will be elected by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. (FY2013)
  • Art. XII. 2 – The amendment reduces the size of the University Senate Standing Committee on International Affairs. (FY2013)
  • Art. XIII. 4(a) – The amendment expands the pool of faculty eligible to serve as law members on the University Judicial Board by including the Law School’s clinical professors and non-probationary associate clinical professors of law.  (FY2013)


  • ARTICLE XII, Section 2 concerns the ex-officio, non-voting members of the Libraries Committee.  The amendment provides for a representative from all three library staff categories—library support staff, unclassified library staff, and library faculty.
  • USRR 3.1.2 concerns requirements for graduation.  The amendment addresses the delay by some institutions in transferring credits for graduating KU students.  Previously, if the transcript was received late, the student was required to apply for retroactive graduation.  The amendment allows the School/College to grant exceptions in such cases.
  • FSRR and modify sections on Promotion and Tenure to clarify that, when the intermediate review committee requests additional information, a candidate will receive communication regarding a negative recommendation and the reasons for that recommendation.
  • FSRR and modify sections on Promotion and Tenure to ensure that candidates receive written feedback about a chair or dean’s reasons for supporting a negative recommendation or not supporting a positive recommendation.
  • FSRR 7.4 is a new section that has been added to Article VII.  Article VII deals with Faculty Rights and Responsibilities.  FSRR 7.4 establishes a link between the FSRR and University faculty evaluation policies including annual evaluations and post-tenure review.  It specifies substantive and procedural requirements for such policies that affirm core values and requires Faculty Senate approval as a component of adoption and amendment procedures.



  • The Faculty Code of Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct was approved it on April 14, and it was emailed to all faculty for a 21-day review period which ends on May 12. The proposal was forwarded to the Provost for consideration in mid-May.
  • FacEx and the Faculty Senate heard a presentation from Andrew Torrance, chair of the “Bi-Campus Committee on Patent Ownership and Faculty Consultation.” The Faculty Senate endorsed the committee’s recommendation, and it is being considered by the Provost now.
  • FacEx discussed the recommendation from the FRPR committee (Faculty Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities) regarding the issue of “excused absences for University activities,” such as debate or athletics.  FacEx agreed with FRPR that the decision should remain with individual faculty.
  • FacEx discussed and approved recommendations from Larry Hoyle, chair of the Faculty Senate Research Committee, to change the guidelines used for the committee’s 3-year review of GRF fund. The report was forwarded to the Vice Provost for Research.
  • FacEx heard a presentation from Student Senate leaders Zach George and Miranda Wagner regarding a Student Senate proposal regarding optional online professor evaluations. FacEx recommended that the students visit further with Andrea Greenhoot at the Center for Teaching Excellence about questions for their survey. Carothers expects that this proposal will be brought back to FacEx next year.
  • FacEx heard a presentation from Student Body President Morgan Said regarding a Student Senate Resolution urging faculty to add information about “mandated reporter status” on course syllabi.  FacEx forwarded this resolution to Faculty Senate for discussion at today’s meeting.
  • The KU procedures regarding the Regents’ Social Media Policy were discussed at several meetings of SenEx and the University Senate this spring, approved by the Senate, and forwarded to the Provost. Mayhew said the Provost hopes to implement the policy this summer so that faculty and staff have the protection of the procedures. Approved by University Senate April 9, 2015 and sent to Provost April 14, 2019.
  • The Senate approved amendments to University Senate Rules 1.3.9 and 1.4.5 regarding finals and other exams for KU students serving in the military. The changes allow the students to be excused from final exams, but it is the responsibility of student to initiate discussion with instructor to come to mutually agreeable method of making up missed exam. The Chancellor approved this change. Approved by University Senate October 9, 2014, Approved by Provost and Chancellor March 10, 2015. 
  • The University Senate approved amendments to the University Senate Code to implement the merger of the Unclassified Senate and the University Support Staff Senate into the single “Staff Senate.” These amendments were approved by Chancellor. Approved FY2016.
  • SenEx received the report of the Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits chaired by Margaret Severson. A Resolution to the Chancellor regarding the report was approved by the Senate and forwarded to the Chancellor.