Faculty Senate Minutes February 24, 2022

Faculty Senate, February 24, 2022, 3:15 p.m.  

Approved: March 24, 2022


Present: Mizuki Azuma, Justin Blumenstiel, John Bricklemyer, Samuel Brody, Nate Brunsell, Ben Chappell, Chris Crandall, Lea Currie, Dan Dixon, Rana Esfandiary, Patricia Gaston, Allard Jongman, Barbara Kerr, Ani Kokobobo, Rémy Lequesne, Corey Maley, Amanda Mollet, John Poggio, Hossein Saiedian, Geraldo Sousa, Nick Syrett, Charlotte Tritch, Kyle Velte, Kristin Villa


Also present: Kathy Reed, Tessa Maclean, VP Jennifer Roberts, VP Chris Brown



Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2021,

Approved, Unanimously


Standing Report:

University Senate President Hossein Saiedian-

  • The Chancellor announced that Program Discontinuance had eliminated no faculty positions. However, there was a staff position, Unclassified Academic Staff, that has been eliminated. 
  • David Cook is scheduled to attend SenEx on March 22, 2022, to discuss communications. 
  • Saiedian reminded faculty to participate in the faculty job satisfaction survey.   Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE)


Question: will the Faculty Senate have access to the data from the survey being done?


Reply: Yes, some of the data will be given to the university. However, there is a concern about the data so that it does not reveal any individual identities.


Standing Report:

Faculty Senate President Rémy Lequesne-See end of the report

  • A survey will be conducted to review the pilot program for nine over twelve months pay.   
  • Nominations for the Faculty Senate are being accepted.
  • Volunteers needed for:
    • The Visitors Policy
    • Jayhawks rising, volunteers for healthy and wellness.   


Discussion: Amendment to University Senate Code Article II. Faculty Senate: Structure and Functions, Section 1. Membership. (Attached at the end of minutes)

The discussion centered on listing all faculty ranks that are eligible to participate in Faculty Senate.  Do they need to be listed out, by each individual title?   The consensus was to include all titles to avoid confusion.  


A discussion regarding Program Discontinuance took place. Members noted that they were disappointed the Provost presented programs to the KBOR before discussing them with the individual programs.


It was noted that the Academic Policy and Procedures Committee and Governance conducted an inclusive of diverse viewpoints, during the review of each program. There was a critical evaluation of the merits of the proposals. Each program was considered individually on its merits.


Unfinished Business


Policies and Procedures:
When new policies are implemented across campus, there is no requirement that any governance consultation needs to occur. Governance should always be one of the stakeholders. Lequesne is meeting with Chris Brown and John Curran next week. 


Data Analytics-There is concern from faculty regarding the increased use of academic analytics. Lequesne has been speaking with AIRE regarding how faculty might be more involved, how the data is used, how it is vetted, what metrics are, and how are the metrics selected, does faculty have a voice in the discussion?  This is an ongoing conversation. 


Sexual Harassment-Kokobobo is working on an amendment to the University Senate Rules and Regulations. 


FRB Procedures-The Ad-Hoc Committee is continuing to work on the procedures. 


Article VIII. Program Discontinuance – ongoing


Campus Email Communications – Ongoing conversation. We hope to know more soon.

New Business


Meeting adjourned















Faculty Senate President’s Report to the Faculty Senate 2022.02.17


The following is a partial list of ongoing issues, with brief status updates on each

  1. Program discontinuance:

    1. On 2022.02.04, the Provost sent recommendations to the Chancellor to discontinue every program that the University Senate voted to continue, except for Visual Arts Education programs. The VAE program recommendations are on hold pending discussions with the Visual Arts chair.
  2. Jayhawks Global
    1. Provost announced a new online learning initiative on 2022.02.04 branded as Jayhawk Global, which will be led by new VP Carney.
    2. Governance leaders have not been involved with or informed of this effort. We are working to learn more.
  3. Financial Situation
    1. CFO has been invited to SenEx this spring to update governance leaders.
  4. Policies and Procedures
    1. Policies/Procedures Previously Approved by Faculty Senate

      1. Academic workload policy:

        1. Policy has been sent to the Chancellor for approval.
      2. FSRR 7.5 – Hearings on Dismissal of Tenured Faculty:
        1. Amendment was approved by the Chancellor on 2022.02.10.
    2. Faculty Senate Policies/Procedures
      1. FRB Procedures for Dismissal of Tenured faculty:

        1. No update.
      2. FSRR 2.5 – KBOR redefinition of a baccalaureate degree (so-called “credit cap”)
        1. AP&P is reviewing proposed changes to FSRR 2.5 prompted by KBOR’s redefinition of a Baccalaureate degree.
    3. University Senate Policies/Procedures
      1. USRR 2.1.1 – Excused absence policy:

        1. No update.
      2. USRR 2.3.3 – Medical or compassionate retroactive withdrawals:
        1. Revisions passed SenEx on 2021.12.07. It will be on an upcoming University Senate agenda.
      3. USRR Article VIII – Program discontinuance
        1. No update.
      4. USRR XX – Accommodations for students victimized by sexual assault
        1. A. Kokobobo is working with a group to draft rules that would articulate that faculty are to provide reasonable accommodations for students victimized by sexual assault.
    4. Other/Misc.
      1. Policy Development
      2. Governance leaders have proposed changes to the procedures (https://policy.ku.edu/policy-development-process) that would give the Governance Office authority to determine whether University Governance  must review a draft policy. Currently the authority to determine whether governance must review a draft lies with the Policy Office (see step 1d of procedures).
      3. Discussions are ongoing.
  5. KBOR
    1. AP Cut-scores review

      1. By rule, the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents is to engage with chairs every five years to review the minimum AP score accepted for each topic area. The review is required this spring.
      2. After hearing from the chairs of departments that offer courses associated with AP credits, I will report to KBOR that KU is satisfied with the current scores except for the English Department, which is asking to set the minimum AP score for English/Written Communication at a 4 (it is currently 3).
    2. KBOR General education policy
      1. No update.
    3. KBOR-mandated program review
      1. KBOR’s Board Academic Affairs Standing Committee met on 2022.02.01 to hear a proposal from rpk. If contracted, it appears rpk would lead a KBOR system-wide effort to assess and optimize program offerings to reduce redundancies and better meet market demand.
      2. The Council of Faculty Senate Presidents discussed the potential contract with rpk on 2022.01.19. We raised concerns about data validation and emphasized the need to contextualize the data before making inferences about program value, quality, or performance.
  6. Data analytics on campus
    1. It is my position that the Provost’s Office needs to be more open and inclusive of faculty input regarding how quantitative data and metrics are used to inform decision making on campus. I proposed creating a Task Force to discuss this during the spring term, but discussions with the Provost’s Office are ongoing.
  7. CLAS Dean Search
    1. Search committee was named and their work is underway. I understand the aim is to have a dean appointed at the start of 2023.
  8. DEIB VP Search
    1. No update.
  9. COVID
    1. No update.
  10. Email communications from governance leaders
    1. No update.