FacEx Minutes September 7, 2021

Faculty Senate Executive Committee – FacEx

September 7, 2021
Approved September 21, 2021

Remy Lequesne, Hossein Saiedian, Patricia Gaston, Nate Brunsell, Nick Syrett, Corey Maley,  


Approval of June 15, 2021 Minutes – Approved

Faculty Senate President Report: Remy Lequesne

  • Kyle Velte, President Elect for Faculty Senate.
  • There is University Senate Meeting on September 9, 2021
  • Program Discontinuance Hearings start the 5th week of classes, which is Sept 20, 2021.
  • The Provost will be speaking at the September 23, 2021, Faculty Senate Meeting
  • The Charges for Faculty Senate committees, and faculty membership will be reviewed  and approved at the 9/23 Faculty Senate Meeting.  We also have two additional charges for SPPT and FRPR, that FacEx will review later in the meeting. 
  • Policies pending:

Academic workload policy: Lequesne, and the chairs of SPPT and FRPR  have been meeting with Chris Brown regarding the Academic Workload Policy. 

  • Chris Brown had also noted that KU does not have a campus wide policy on student survey of teaching.  Lequesne is not aware of any polices that are being worked on, but he will forward any discussions when they happen.
  • Lequesne would like to see Governance may take a more active part in Policy Development.  It is not clear when Governance is advised of new policies policy on how policies

Policies Officed is involved.  Meet with policy office. 

KBOR Update:

       The KBOR discussed General Education Transfer Policy,

       KU has a working group, of which Nick Syrett is a member.

A draft of the Kansas Credit for Prior Learning Guidelines has been circulated for comment. 

  • A discussion regarding student surveys of teaching in courses with fewer than 6 students took place.  Some faculty were under the impression that the evaluation from course with fewer than six students should not be included in a faculty members dossier

Brunsell added that his department did have a policy. 

Maley noted that it should be up to the department, as each area of teaching is different.

  • FacEx discussed faculty that started in Fall 2020, and spring 2021, should quality for an extra year on the Tenure clock.  SPPT fully agreed, as did FacEx.  Chris Brown is looking into the possibility.
  • During research of a departmental policy, it would found that not all departments are following the FSRR, by having faculty evaluation policies on line.  Governance will be doing a review of all departments for compliance with FSRR. 
  • CLAS dean search, Ani asked the provost about it.  Provost moving hiring early fall. 
  • FacEx discussed Niya McAdoo, and the concerns about some of the hate emails she has been receiving.


University Senate President Report: Hossein Saiedian

AP&P will be setting up the Program Discontinuance Hearings so.

Saiedian has not heard back from the Provost regarding Tuition Assistance. Program

Saiedian has expressed that Governance wants to be actively involved in Jayhawk rising.  Corrinne Bannon will be meeting with Staff Senate.   

Revised Charges adding Academic Workload Policy Review:

    1. FRPR
    2. SPPT


Motion to approve revised charges, made by Syrett, and seconded by Gaston.



Discussion of Academic Workload Policy Draft

KBOR wants university to have workload policies,

FacEx discussed a draft. 


Old Business –


New Business -