FacEx Minutes September 21, 2021

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes September 21, 2021
October 5, 2021

Approval of September 7, 2021, Minutes, Approved by acclamation

University Senate President Report: Hossein Saiedian

  • University Senate has received positive support from the Staff Senate. We aim to continue to work together to advance the interests of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Meeting with the Program Coordination Committee. KBOR is looking at approving an amendment to the Baccalaureate Degree definition that would allow universities to accept up to 75 credit hours of transfer from community colleges. That would be more than ½ their course work from community colleges. 
  • There have been some changes on how you request new academic programs.  [https://academicaffairs.ku.edu/new-program-proposals] outlines the process.



The KBOR is looking at a more permissive policy, that would allow universities to elect to form agreements with specific community colleges that would allow up to seventy-five transfer credits. The Edwards campus has one of those agreements already with Johnson County Community College. They're electing to build a relationship or an agreement with another community college in the KC metro area.


FacEx has not issued a statement of agreement or disagreement with the proposal. 


Faculty Senate President Report: Remy Lequesne

  • The Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2021, will be live-streamed. 
  • The first AP&P Program Discontinuance Hearing is Wednesday, September 29, 2021.  Anyone is welcome to submit a written statement or ask to be recognized and make a public statement.  The Faculty, Staff and Students have been notified of the hearings.  Faculty in each unit have also received an additional email. 
  • The COFSP had a breakfast meeting with KBOR.  The KBOR understands its purpose is to advocate for higher education in Kansas.  When they meet with legislators, they are asked what faculty do with their time.  Lequesne specifically asked about a university policy that would allow the individual disciplines to have instructional workload standards consistent with the peer norms.  The KBOR wants a university-wide policy. 
  • With regards to program review, the KBOR feel they need to be able to explain to the legislators how universities are good stewards of public tax dollars. 



When I was hired, I signed a contract that stated I agreed to 40% Research, 40% Teaching, and 20% Service.  Isn’t that a workload policy?


Lequesne calls it an instructional workload policy, because it addresses only instruction.  In discussions with the provost, they are asking what does 40% teaching mean.  It is inconsistent across units. 


What are they counting as instructional hours?  For every hour I teach in the classroom, I’m preparing three, five, ten, hours, depending on what I’m teaching.  


The current proposal is counting number of organized sections (e.g. lecture, laboratory, discussion) per tenure/tenure-track faculty and number of student credit hours per tenure/tenure-track faculty. The current proposal cites a university-wide average and does not set an expectation for all faculty.


  • The KBOR general education policy was discussed. 
  • Lequesne wanted to update FacEx regarding a situation that involved a member with harsh teaching evaluations, and students willing to circumvent the instructor and go to an administrator.  The administrator was not supportive of the faculty member. These are the types of situations that affect faculty from minoritized groups.  KU having a hard time retaining diverse and talented folks.  
    When FRB reviews complaints, they are charged with reviewing the facts present before them. I think we need to raise awareness with the FRB, maybe training each fall to recognize Diversity concerns.
  • The Provost will be speaking at Faculty Senate on September 23, 2021.
  • The University and Faculty Senate meetings will be live-streamed.
  • FacEx has Office hours.
  • The Provost will be attending the September 30, 2021, University Senate meeting. 


Ongoing items; no updates

  • Sexual assault prevention at KU
  • Financial situation
  • CLAS Dean search
  • Extra tenure year for faculty who started in FA20
  • Employee Dependent Tuition Assistant
  • Review of department/unit policies for compliance with FSRR
  • Meeting with Policy Office


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